Is buying jugs of beer cheaper?

Is buying jugs of beer cheaper than individual glasses? By how much typically? Is that why people buy them over 2 or 3 schooners? In Sydney is it common practice to not sell them in night clubs?



    Depends how much they charge for a schooner and a jug.
    I would think by getting a jug you can sit there longer without having to go back to the bar, plus people share them.
    Most pubs sell jugs.

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    jugsize_in_ml = 285
    schoonersize_in_ml = 1136

    If schoonerprice * (jugsize_in_ml / schoonersize_ml) > jugprice:
    print t (s+” is cheaper”)

    Fill in the blanks, btw it’s 4 schooners to a jug afaik

    Jug would be cheaper more often than not , btw my schooner size is a pot but either way it’s just maths

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    A Jug is 1140ml
    A Pint is 570ml or 2 Pints to a Jug
    A Schooner is 425ml or 2.7 Schooners to a Jug
    A middy/pot is 285ml or 4 middys to a Jug.

    The rest is just simple math with prices from your local watering hole.

    =IF(($schooner.price x 2.7) => $jug.price, buy "jug", buy "schooner")

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    In my local, a Jug (2 pints) of Tooheys New is the same price as 1 pint.


    I thought the purpose of a jug was to reduce trips to the bar.

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    If you buying drinks at a bar or night club you have already lost

    sneak drinks in and pre-drink