65" Smart TV recommendations around the $1k mark?

Hey everyone. Tried my best looking for similar forums already posted, but couldn't find any that was like my situation.

So I'm looking for a TV for Netflix watching and Nintendo Switch use.

I guess my preferences are for a TV that has low input lag, has decently dark blacks, decent gaming motion, and nice contrasts.

I've looked at:

Hisense 65" R6 Series ~ $895, has been cheaper before it seems
Hisense 65" RG Series ~ $995, also been cheaper, I like this one more because it has the Android system built in and I have a Google pixel.
Samsung RU7100 ~ $1295.00, figured maybe forking out that bit extra to get a better brand may be a good idea but I dunno.

If anyone has any experience on any of these or have any recommendations that would be awesome.
The reviews are super mixed with the Hisenses, but I guess if there's anything wrong with it I can get it replaced or fixed but idk.

I've been looking for weeks now and it's kinda overwhelming. All the ones Rtings.com recommend don't seem to be available in Australia.


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