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Hi all, I just wanted to get a second opinion on a new desktop I plan to build. E.g. are there are any parts you would swap out.

I'm very new to this, so please let me know if I'm missing anything or if there are any incompatibility issues I haven't spotted.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x $465
Mobo: MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON AC Motherboard $229
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR4 3600MHz CL16 Memory $160
SSD: Adata SX8200 Pro 1TB $250
GPU: Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Windforce OC, 8GB $829 /OR upgrade to 2080 Super
Case: Phanteks Eclipse P400A Airflow Black ATX Case $115
PSU: Phanteks PH-P650GS 650W $125
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 32/64Bit, USB Drive P2, Retail $175

I'm trying to keep the total under $2500. Thanks in advance tech friends!



    The mobo seems a little bare/lowend for a 3700x. I believe it is recommended to go up to a X570 or X470?

    Ssd seems expensive, unless you are into video editing a normal samsung 850 evo should do at around ~$180 and you can probably get a windows 10 home key for $30 from reddit.


      I do need wifi for the mobo, are there any you would recommend for an upgrade?

      Yeah I'll probably shop around for the best prices, I just copied over approximate values from staticice for a bit of an idea.

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    Windows you can get for $20-30 off of ebay or G2A. So no point in paying that much for it. save yourseld $150 there. The Adata has been on sale as low as $200, although that isn't extremely common. But worth knowing. I'd personally upgrade the PSU to a Corsair RM, for the extra $40. That moterhboard won't be able to utilise the full 3600mhz range either. I'd change that.

    That 2070 Super is regularly below $700 too, so keep an eye on here for sales (For reference I bought the Gaming OC 2080 Super for $1000. Whether to Upgrade to that or not entirely Depends on your Monitor. General rule of thumb; 1660s/ti, 5700 are your 1080P cards. 2060s is like a top end 1080p to medium range 1440p. 5700xt or 2070s for 1440p. 2080s/Ti for 1440p Ultrawide or 4K.

    The other thing to think about is how long do you want the build to last for. 2 years before upgrading again, or are you in for the long haul of 4+ years.

    Other than that, build is good.


      Thanks for the info!

      For the Corsair RM, is this the one you mean? Corsair 650W 80 + Gold Modular Power Supply (RM650)

      Is there a mobo you would recommend which has wifi?

      I'm planning on getting a low-mid end 1440p so that does seem to work out.

      Preferably 4+ years, would you say it looks alright (once I've switched out the mobo)?


        It's a good motherboard, you're just going to have to do some tweaking in the bios to get 3600mhz to work with it. If that's not something you want to do, either change the board or change the ram.
        Personally. If you want wifi, I'd keep the motherboard and just get differnt ram. For your use case, you wouldn't notice the difference, and it'd be $40-60 cheaper to get some 3200mhz ram. Something like the Corsair 3200mhz are regularly $100-110 on sale.

        Yeah, that's the right one for the PSU, there are 2 variants, 2018 or 2019 models, both are just as good as each other. I just purchased the 2018 one myself. Works perfectly.

        Yeah if your use case is low to mid 1440. 2070super will kill it, and then some. You'll be able to easily get stable(60-100fps) 1440p on ultra settings with it on most games. Which will last you quite a few years.

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    careful when taking advice from bargain forum, don't take it blindly, do your own research

    b450 is plenty fine for 3700x if you don't need the features from x470/570 chipset
    you can run 3600mhz ram speed or even higher on that motherboard no problem by manual setting instead of limited to preset a-xmp profiles
    you can run whatever ram speed as long as your cpu IMC can handle it, nothing to do with motherboard (unless bios locked)
    pro carbon ac , new stock, should supports ryzen 3000 series out of the box, but with lite bios due to MSI non-MAX series with smaller bios chip size but you're just missing fancy bios UI, nothing more

    that psu is fine as it's a rebrand of reputable Seasonic focus gold

    the only thing i'd change is the win10 retail , but that depends on your principle


      Appreciate the heads up, I've done some research (admittedly not enough, I've consistently confused myself) and consulted another forum as well so hopefully I don't screw up too badly lol.

      Thanks for the detailed exp, I'll keep it all in mind when finalizing.

      Yeah in terms of the pricing I basically just copied over approximate values from staticice for a bit of an idea, but I'll definitely shop around for the best prices (gotta live up to Ozbargainer rep).


    Where are those prices from? Seem a tad expensive.

    Can definitely get cheaper 16GB 3600 RAM


      I'll probably shop around for the best prices, I just copied over approximate values from staticice for a bit of an idea.


    ok, i started building on the first ryzen relase. Also thought I needed windows, but if you find a computer with windows, you can just create install media. This video has more details:

    b450 will be all good unless you have a lot of sata disks. there's a few more little differences but they main benefit for x470 etc is more pci e lanes. pcpartpicker will help alot, they have recent prices. logicalincrements is another site, but this more has already completed builds for each budget level.


      Thank you for the info+sources! The vid looks very promising, will definitely give it a shot.

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