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$10 Limited Edition Moleskine Notebooks at Milligram


Decent prices on Ltd Ed Moleskine notebooks. I picked up the Star Wars ones!

Free shipping over $29 this weekend too!

Millenium Falcon - https://milligram.com/moleskine-limited-edition-star-wars-no...
X-wing - https://milligram.com/moleskine-limited-edition-star-wars-no...

James Bond 007 Edition in blue
James Bond 007 Edition in Black

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  • +1

    Awesome little presents, thanks op

  • Bodero are selling the stars wars one 2 for $1

  • +1

    Anyone looking for a gift should check out the lotr one. Collectors edition and comes in a box $10

  • Bought 4 for $35. There was a discount applied but somehow they were still charging me for postage (will probably contact their support for postage refund).

    • there's a discount automatically applied which probably caused your total to drop under 29. ended up getting 6 for $38

      • I got 6 for $36 with thanks10. Pretty good deal!

        • Nice, I didn't realise, got 5 for $36, missed out on another!

          • @RocketSwitch: How are you all getting 6 for $36???

            My total ends up as $54

            • @xlimit: When you add up to 6 the deepest discount gets automatically applied at checkout.

              • @RocketSwitch: That discount doesn't seem to be applying any longer unfortunately.

  • +3

    Can you somehow replace the sheets inside with blank ones and just infinitely reuse them?

    They're just so damn expensive.

    • +3

      No. If you're complaining about how expensive they are, then Moleskine isn't for you (plus you can get them cheaper on the internet)

      Source: been using them for a decade.

      • Fair enough. Guess I'll have to pass being the broke ass that I am.

        • +2

          Book Depository is where I usually source mine for less than RRP. I used to work in a store that sold them and cringed every time I saw someone buy one full price

    • +3

      It takes over a year to raise a mole to adulthood when it's ready to be skinned for these covers.

  • +13

    Code THANKS10 for 10% off too

    • That got me only "7.5% off my 4th order" but better than the default discount. Thanks mate

    • Thanks for the code. I somehow got 20% off

  • ordered 4 for 25. someone swiped the collectors edition lord of the rings from under my nose! but whatever haha still good presents for family

  • +1

    Thanks - Christmas presents sorted.

  • +1

    There are harry potter ones on clearance too.

    • +1

      Yep nabbed those and the Evernote moleskine ones to!

  • +3

    Their site is slow… being ozbargained?

    • totally

  • +2

    Thanks, ordered a bunch. Website is groaning under the weight of OzBargain, the confirmation email arrived before the confirmation web page loaded

  • +1

    Silly question, who uses these?

    I thought the kids these days use iPads in class

    • +2

      Not kids

    • +2

      Architects and surveyors love manual writing pads.

    • +2

      I use it as a Travel Journal. I also sketch in them.

    • +1

      I do, for bujo.

  • +4

    Have 6 in the cart for $36 but can't pull the trigger

    • +2

      I good trick is to think you’ll be missing out! ;)

  • +13

    Moleskin pages are super thin and ghost quite badly. If you're just looking for some scribble notepads, then it's not bad for the price. If you are looking for long terms notes though, Rhodia and Leuchtturm1917 are your better options. Not a bad price overall though.

    • +1

      I'd personally recommend Rhodias to beginners because of the value they have over other brands. I could never recommend moleskine to fp users tho

    • So not great for fountain pens?

      • +2

        Nope no good.

      • +1

        Useless for fountain pens.

      • +1

        The Professional notebooks should be ok with 90gsm paper - these are 72gsm

  • +1

    Awesome bought 3 x $15 get extra $15 off

    • what?

      • I got 3 notebooks that were $15 each, for a total of $30 delivered.

    • Thanks! Picked up the Professional notebooks for $10 a piece

      • I managed to get that too! But when I tired it again it didn't work

      • Same. They are great! a really good deal. :)

  • +3

    I haven't seen a website this slow since gamersgate was selling the borderlands 2 - 4 pack for $16.

  • Am I the only one who was wondering if these notebooks are made out of the skin of moles?

    • +2


  • Site super slow, thanks to ozbargain

  • +1

    Not sure if they stack but Evernote notebooks include 3 months access to Evernote premium.

  • For the aficionados - These don't come with stickers >.<

    • +1

      Evernote one does.

    • Some of them do

  • Why so many upvotes ?

    • +1

      They make great gifts.

    • +1

      they're usually super expensive.

  • +1

    Overpriced paper has 160+ upvotes. Wtf

    • +2

      If you took advantage of the discount, you could have got 6 for $36. That's $6 each. Many people gift these. Not so mind bending lol chill man

  • +1

    Just a heads-up, if you write with fountain pens of liquid ink pens, the paper in these notebooks is absolute $#!T. Milligram also did Rhodia notebooks for $5 on clearance, which is much better paper.

  • +1

    You can use THANKS10 for another 10% off, but note that your total after the coupon must be over $29 to be eligible for free shipping.

    • excellent. Appreciate you sharing this discount code. Used it. Am very happy with my purchases even though some of what I would have bought got ozbargained out :)

  • all the harry potter ones out of stock. got ozbargained :/

  • aw damn the David Bowie ones are sold out…i know someone who would've loved those.

  • +3

    Sometimes Ozbargainers really surprise me.

    • +2

      I bought a gold rolled (5% gold, basically it's gold plated not solid gold) Cross pen at a garage sale two decades ago and the thing is great, it's old enough that I know it was made in America. You can get cheap refills online. And it looks nicer than everyone else's pen, which has to be the point of putting gold on a pen.

  • Won't let me add to cart but shows as in stock… anyone else getting this??

    • That means it's sold out.

  • -1

    Went express and mine just shipped - got x25. Good service.

    • Haha typo I meant to say *x5

  • OP, all the $10 notebooks are sold out now. Please edit the post.

  • Welp too late

  • Ordered 11 notebooks and just got told that 4 were actually out of stock. And of course those 4 were the Star Wars ones I bought for myself…

  • Yeah just got email saying sold out. Both Star Wars ones.

  • +1

    What a joke, ordered 4 notebooks, got told that they were out of stock; but to then take a look at the clearance section to see what else I might want to replace my order. Pretty sure anything else there is out of stock. Hopefully they'll issue a refund soon.

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