65" TV - Samsung Series 7 RU7100 Vs LG 65UM7400PTA UM74 Series - I'm after a Good Bargain

Dear All,
I am in the hunt for a TV for our main lounge. I have always loved Samsung TVs. My older generation Series 5 was so good with anynet that it could auto detect PS3,PS4,media player etc.
During Christmas I was monitoring the sales and found Samsung Series 7 was much lower than $1295 that's the cheapest I found online and in JB-Hifi.

I live in Sydney Wolli Creek and wondering if I should go for Samsung or LG model from JB Hifi ? I never used an LG TV before and not sure if this is in par with Samsung. My budget was $1000 mark but for few hundred dollars I do not want to get a bad quality TV.


If you guys have any suggestions if I can get a Samsung Series 7 65inch lower than $1295 in Sydney please do let me know.



    Maybe if you go to jb hifi and ask them for a better deal, you will get your series 7 samsung for under $1000.

    We went to buy one on boxing day (our old tv died christmas day) and ended up with a much fancier (and more expensive Sony) LOL!!


    My dad has a Samsung Smart TV- its a few years old now.. but I have not been a fan of the operating system.
    Seems slow and the TV guide is slower and with more missing info than my 12 year old Panasonic, which is not a smart tv,
    The Sammy mostly says 'guide not available'
    The Panasonic is quick and at least the guide displays all info most of the time, and when it doesn't, flick a few channels and all info is displayed.

    I have been keen on getting a Samsung, but with the limited experience I have had with one, im not sure anymore..
    Hopefully the newer ones now are better.