Mercedes C Class - 2014 - 2016 around $35k Model W205 - What Should I Do?

Dear All,

I was overseas for few years and just got back to Sydney. I have been eyeing to buy a Mercedes W205 or a BMW 3 series for few months. The prices for W205 was steady around $40k for C200 or C250. I saw a price decline in Dec/Jan for mid $35k but now I can't seem to find a decent W205 with low mileage and with options for weeks for $35k. Then I checked for BMW 3 series like the 328i and found few that are $33k.

I really like the newer W205 C class look interior and exterior specially the interior. BMW 3 series exterior seems decent but interior looks ugly like all previous generations and they didn't change much.

I am planning to buy the car outright and $35++ is a big deal. Please give me some suggestions what should I do ?

I am tempted to go for the C250 but that would be 2014 year and C200 would get me a little newer model 2015/2016 for the same price mark all under 50k KM mileage.

I liked a Mercedes certified 2014 C250 but the asking price is $37k drive away and the sales guy was so rude and arrogant that I don't feel like talking to them anymore. The last offer over the email and phone he gave me was $400 reduction in price :D


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    The C-class is a fantastic car and the W205 model is beautiful but why on earth would you want a C200 with a really weak 1.8L engine? It defies the point of buying a 'luxury' car. The C250 isn't much better either with only an extra 20kw.

    It seems like your price range better suits other vehicles.


      thanks Hybroid - W205 C200 are 2.0L engine not 1.8L that's what I know. C250 would take the price $40k or I have to lower the model to 2014 from 2015/2016 C200.


      For under $35k what sedan would you recommend then ? A friend of mine was giving me ideas today that I should get a 2014 Range Rover Example:

      But I would prefer a sedan and after looking at a W205 I cannot see anything else. Since I live close to the city my work commute will be trains and car will be used for short commutes over the week days and some fun over the weekends. I do plan to travel to most parts of NSW driving and Canberra or the snowy mountains during winter.
      We also plan on having our first kid in a year or two and hopefully the new car can accommodate the new born which will come with lots of bags etc.

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    Buy a hybrid camry


    Ya I am hoping someone in the morning comes up with something else. Range Rover option was really bad from a friend but I don't mind people expressing themselves. For technical and crucial information I usually find them online here in forums.
    If I get a good W205 from the Merc dealership they said they would give 2 year warranty on parts. For insurance I know I have to shell out at least $2000 a year.

    Camry hybrid ? Still you guys don't think BMW 3 series is an option ?


    I’m looking for a car with panaromic moon roof. That’s what was really appealing to me of Mercedes-Benz C class over the BMW.
    I can’t seem to find other similar cars like that which is cheaper and easy to maintain

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      For a Moon roof, remove the filter eliminating Kia and Hyundai from your searches…
      Kia Optima, Hyundai Sonata or i40 sedan with all the bells, possibly even a Genesis.
      They'll come with all the bells, look good in and out and will be more recent models at the same price.

      Lexus is the reliable "premium badge" option although I'm not sure Toyota(Lexus) have done a moon roof.

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      Peugoet and Citroen both use moonroofs and will be a lot cheaper to maintain, and you'll get much better value for your $

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    Saw one broken down by the side of the road yesterday, sad sight seeing a nice'ish car waiting for help. Owners must have been spewing waiting there by the kerb.

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      Yeah, I saw one abandoned on the side of the road next to a Toyota dealer. Looks like they had just had enough and decided to dump the car and buy a Camry Hybrid right there on the spot.


    Mediocre car and a high price. Considered others? BMW is better but these are old cars compared to what modern cars have.


    Have you seen the new 2020 Kia Optima? Looks great.


    Don't be soft, get a W204 AMG in your price range.

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    Lets get back to basics OP:

    1) What do you need your car for? Kids? Wife and Kids? Or just you? What size car do you actually need? If just you, maybe look at some smaller sized cars?
    2) I don't care about your preference for German badges, they are generally good cars. But you simply pay extra for the badge, so asking on OzB for advice will yield you much negativity and suggestions of Camry :P
    3) Besides the moon roof (which are over rated IMO and can be annoying on sunny days) what features are you looking for specifically? The C200 is fairly gutless and more of a city cruiser. Where as the 328i is a much more engaging car with a sensational grunty engine. It's a drivers car. These 2 cars are in different categories really despite being similarly priced. What are you actually looking for? Looks first then handling then interior? Or interior is #1?

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    Op is shopping for a euro but baulks at paying a couple of k for the one he likes. Clearly has no idea of servicing and maintenance cost of these things?


    I even started looking at Camry Hybrid but it doesn't have moon roof or the interior looks of a Merc.
    I thought 2014-2016 Merc with a mileage of 50k KM isn't much for an european car. However, I am fully reconsidering when most of you informed me of the high maintenance cost. Someone did mention regarding the transmission belt issue after online research I found it used to be on the W204 not much on the 2015 W205.

    Now if Camry hybrid did have a sun roof that would have been a good option as it looks good. Hyundai Sonata or Kia Optima well Sonata looks good but comes around the same price range and not sure how the resale value holds or how the maintenance is like ? Any clue ?

    Peugeot Alfa Romeo aren't they also expensive to maintain ? I also didn't like them up the above Alfa Romeo is a single piece in carsales without the panaromic moon roof.

    Sorry forgot to mention something about myself
    We are a married couple in our mid 30's and would want to have a baby in a year or two. We have a single income source which is me. We were both overseas for 5 years and got back to Sydney a week back. I had an accident in 2014 and my life sort of changed. For example I used to think of buying a house save lots of money but then I came very close of dying. After that I try to live life but not waste money at the same time. For example we travel, we try to eat good food occasionally and live a life without being penny pincher (I used to be one before). I used to own W204 before and a BMW 3 series just before that (I am talking about year 2011-13) After that while I was overseas I didn't own a luxury car but a regular Toyota corolla and always used to see a Merc or a BMW and wish I had one.
    I have some savings until I look for a new job. I also do not want to blow out everything I have just on a car. I want peace of mind not get a headache of having a car and running around with repairs.

    I know some of you will say you only live once after my accident but then again I also have to survive. Savings is important.
    Apologies I didn't want to mention all that in a forum but someone did mention giving a brief scenario of myself will make things better for suggestions from online.

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      Well within your budget is the Lexus IS300h/IS350 which is same class of car as 3 seriss/C class. Aim for f sport with EP 2 or Sports Luxury to get all the extra goodies.
      Otherwise Lexus ES300h/ES350 Sports Luxury will be your Camry with lux features and quiet cabin, again these can be had for around $35k (they are the best bargain when it comes to second hand lexus as they loose a lot of value because they share drivetrains with Camry).

      GS450h is another option if you want something fast but good on fuel, now these will be a bit more but if you look you can find them in that price range.

      Let me know if you want anymore info.


    I mean, what could go wrong with an out of warranty, expensive, used BMW or Mercedes Benz… Right? Guys?


    Thank you all guys. I’m still in the search for a car and I can’t seem to like anything on Toyota Hyundai which will have HUD and sunroof etc on a newer model for my budget.
    I don’t get this if Mercedes-Benz C200 got all that options in 2014 why couldn’t any of the Japanese cars get them installed cheaper by 2019 or even have them ready as options.
    Camry looks good but doesn’t have sunroof or HUD or the leather look like interior.
    I started to look at SUVs now 2.0L engines for mid size I’m not sure how they will drive with almost a basic sedan 2.0L engine.
    Am I wasting time on SUVs?


      Your answer is Mazda. Jap reliability, bells and whistles galore. (note: go for the petrol engine only, stay away from their diesel rubbish)


        Mazda which model and year ? I am happy with a 2.0L engine as I will be making lots of short trips within the city.

        Sedan or Suv ?

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