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Apple Developer Program Membership - Now Free in Australia for Educational and Government Institutions (Save $149 AU a Year)


Been meaning to submit this for the past few weeks and assume someone else would, but (from Apple):

We’re pleased to announce that Apple Developer Program membership is now available at no cost for eligible organizations based in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, and South Korea. Nonprofit organizations, accredited educational institutions, and government entities that plan to distribute only free apps on the App Store can request to have their annual membership fee waived

You can request to have the annual Apple Developer Program membership fee waived if you’re a nonprofit organization, accredited educational institution, or government entity that will distribute only free apps on the App Store and is based in an eligible country. Apple will review your request and contact you to let you know whether your request is approved

Normally this is $149 AU a year.

Enroll here:

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    If I read it correctly, only if you distribute free apps

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      This make's sense. It is for EDU so that students can create apps. If you are going to charge people for the app you can create then you should be charging for dev account.

      As someone who works in the EDU space, this is awesome, suddenly I can give a whole class access to the Developer suite without paying $2,500.

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        It’s a good move for Apple to offer this

        However I reckon Apple will eventually earn more by selling more Mac computers as iOS can only be developed and deployed by Mac OS


        In the same shoes here.
        The unit I'm teaching has a Apple University Program account but that program is useless for our students as it's just a glorified test account, with no privilege to do any distribution. If this new policy is really working in educators' favour, it would be truly awesome.

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      Yeah and If I read it correctly, it’s for education institution, not student studying in education institution.


      What about free with IAP?

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    Great way to install any apps you want without having to jailbreak, eg. Kodi and emulators.

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      How to install any apps without jailbreaking?
      Apple developer license only allows you to create developer certificates and provisioning profiles to sign, build and deploy iOS / Mac OS apps

      Then pushing to AppStore via AppStore connect

      iOS remains protection on only signed app to be able to install from App Store

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        If you have source code (like the apps I mentioned) you build them and deploy them to you iPhone with xcode.

        If you don't or can't be bothered with xcode, you can install the IPA using something lie AltDeploy.

        In both cases you'll enter your Apple ID (which will be a developer account, so won't expire after the normal 7 days).

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        You can get signed apps through builds.io for like $20 a yer per device. They try to stock all the kinda apps you'd want, though recently they've been adding mods apps that spam with ads. But if you want free YouTube Premium or classic game emulators etc., it's a good option. It goes down every now and then and sometimes you need to reinstall your apps, but they seem genuine in wanting to avoid that. I'd make manual backups of your emulation save files through iCloud in any case.

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          I went down this path with AppDB. Not worth it. Certificates get revoked continually and a pain in the bum.

          Checkra1n jailbreak and AppSync is the best solution.


            @PainToad: I can deal with ads on YouTube and a break from my emulators every now and then while they work to reinstate the certificate. I got sick of avoiding the latest iOS version on jailbreak.

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              I got sick of avoiding the latest iOS version on jailbreak.

              With Checkra1n the exploit is the actual hardware, so EVERY iOS version will be jailbreakable basically immediately on every release for any device iPhone 5s – iPhone X.

              Apple cannot not patch it without a hardware recall.

              It's wonderful.

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    It seems you can only request a waiver if you're an organisation like a university and not an individual like a student or have I misread it?

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    Fee waivers are not available for:
    Organizations distributing paid apps or apps with in-app purchase on the App Store
    Members of the Apple Developer Enterprise Program
    Individuals and sole proprietors/single person businesses

    Note “individuals”


    what's the cost of setting up a nonprofit organization?


      More than $99 a year…

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      $173 in NSW plus annual filing fee $196

      plus Apple requires an ABN/ACN(Company number)

      This waiver requires a tax ID/national ID, which is a number assigned by local government agencies to identify a business within the local market. Examples include the VAT Number in Europe, the Siret Number in France, the Company Number in Australia


    work just asked me to start looking at apps but have no budget for training, this might actually workout well..


    Can I get this with just ACN?


    They used to also give 20% off, is that still the case?


      Do you mean 20% off monitors/laptops/desktops? No, that has since long-gone but was definitely a great reason to enroll many years ago.

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    It's a trap!

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    My mate had a for-profit app that made $149 in sales. After Apple's fee it became not-for-profit.

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      Wow thats some great app $149 in Sales! Must have been app of the day with those figures. Apple probably did him a favour

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        If by favour you mean discouraged a developer whose first app was an experiment, sure. Apple defenders blow my mind. The analogies I could make would be deemed inappropriate but they're accurate.