Holden Axed in Australia


The Holden brand will be retired at the end of this year, selected showrooms may stock a limited range of Chevrolet vehicles under new General Motors Specialty Vehicles badge.

Well, writing has been on the wall for a while but it'll be sad to see it go. I'm sure majority of people have had a Commodore in the family at some point.

Wonder what will happen with the V8 Supercars now? GM likely won't bother spending money on it, as it won't generate into business in the showrooms.

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Holden Australia


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              @spackbace: None in mine that I am “aware of”! I did purchase in 1976 a brand new XB Ford Falcon panel van,with the “GS Rally Pak”,so,maybe that one?

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          Whenever I think of Peter Brock, I think of magic crystals… the Energy Polarizer. lol

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            @Koolness: Lol, I have to admit that is one of the first things that I remember about Brock as well; especially when I'm forced to listen to some rabid VL Commodore enthusiasts talk about their hobby as it never fails to get a rise out of them whenever you mention the magical crystals. Not to mention those damned crystals that Brock refused to compromise on, were a huge factor in Holden and Brock parting ways.

          • @Koolness: Uploaded for another topic.
            He we thoroughly miserable flogging these outside the shopping centre, but still managed a smile and chat.

    • Name one innovation that helped you decide on a new car purchase, just one.

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        AEB, lane control assist, radar cruise & blind spot monitoring. All standard on the new Toyota Rav 4.

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    Never owned a Holden but sad to see the iconic Aussie brand go down the gurgler :(

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    Sad as it is for the workers, anyone could have seen this coming. Growing up, half the driveways had a Holden. Now, there’s not a single person in my age bracket who drives one. GM/Holden made monumentally bad decisions like continuing to push Commodores while the rest of the market moved to smaller, efficient engines. Where was their investment in EV? Or even Hybrid? As recently as last year, they doubled down on SUVs, which Toyota, Mazda, etc. have been enjoying for years. Another boat missed.

    Imagine what some foresight could have done, if they hadn’t just taken handouts and lined the pockets of Detroit execs. And after their base had dwindled to red-blooded bogans, they decided to rebadge Daewoos and Opels, and hope they wouldn’t notice. Smart.

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    With the beloved Commodore doomed to fade into extinction the gangs of Melbourne will need to retrain on another car to steal.

  • Waiting for the firesale. For the risk you take with parts availability, after sales support and the fact there will be little interest in the used market a new Holden at 40-50% below RRP will make me consider buying one.

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      Yeah, that's right. Who would buy a new Holden now? I'd be interested to hear Spackbace's thoughts on what this means for the dealer network.

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    Good riddance. My last Commodore was a VSII Berlina wagon I bought second hand that I thankfully got rid of in 2010 when the diff started playing up. Should have been my dream car, and was for a short while. Had an issue with the climate control. Only on the hottest days the sensor would malfunction and read -30. No way to override the thing blowing hot. I asked about having it looked at by a dealer. Had to book it in weeks in advance and if it wasn't a hot day and it didn't play up they couldn't do anything for me except charge the inspection fees of course. Oh and look down their noses at me for driving a car that was more than 5 years old. I was driving around for years with no aircon on the hottest days. GM can go fly a kite and Holden's death isn't anything I'll be crying over. Glad I was never suckered into a Craptiva. As for the tax breaks, Government's fault for subsidizing them without more say over where the money went.

    • You had a 15 year old car, try keeping any new car today for 15 years and see how it goes. Most people sell after 3 and claim they had the best car ever.

      • My 1989 Honda and 2002 Hyundai want a word!

      • My 10 year old Toyota Aurion is still reliable AF.

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          Almost 15… tbf, some of this would come down to how well you maintain your car. People buy a local car, treat it like rubbish and then whinge that it's unreliable.

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        No I did not have a 15 year old car. I had a 6-7 year old car when the sensor started playing up. Read what I wrote. I drove it for years like that and GOT RID OF IT in 2010. At 6-7 years old taking it to the dealer I may as well have presented them with a bag of excrement based on the reception I got. I wasn't asking for free service. Just something better than "oh can't do anything if it's intermittent. Book it in and we'll have a look without replicating the conditions and if it doesn't do it for us bad luck we will bill you.". I repeat good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

        • The dealer network was atrocious. Many pages of complaints all over the net.
          One I recall was a VZ Statesman (IIRC) owner who was offered a maximum of 22K trade-in on a VE. When he asked why so low, "nobody's buying V8s any more, mate."

  • They could still do the V8 Supercars but use Chevrolet instead, surely? It would make sense for GM to start selling everything rebadged from Holden as Chevy. I can’t see many people rushing to a buy a Holden, knowing that the brand will be defunct at the end of the year.

    I would think that GM will still have a presence here, and will rebadge the Holden dealers.

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      Scratch that. Just saw on Reddit that apparently GM is leaving the RH market completely. Jeez.

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      V8 Supercars has no reason to exist any more, just merge it with whatever touring car competition is in play in the rest of the world and be done with it.

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    No wonder. They're just shit cars.

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    Holden decided Australians didnt want loud powerful cars and instead wanted soft, modern cars. Yeh, how did that workout.

    Its a shame, i loved my vz calais. still think the vz was the best shape, it has aged really well. The ve on the other hand… lol.

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      Power isnt the issue, your VZ "3.6-litre 190kW/340Nm" get that out of a 2L these days, my 1.6L KIA has 150kw.

      " Calais gets about 12L/100km, which means about 450km per tank" my KIA 7L and 700km, thats more the issue.

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        The vz looks better than your kia any day of the week.

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          Disagree, inside and out way better than the dates VZ, let alone all the technology, factory recaro seats too.

          This is what killed Holden (and GM worldwide), small fuel efficient euro inspired hatches like Mazda 3, Corolla and Golf.

          • @Bid Sniper: Wait. You're comparing that to the Commodore? Apples an oranges. Especially if you're talking the Commodore wagon. Better compare to a Carnival.


            8 - 14.5 L/100km.

            • @syousef: No, point is lot of reasons why Holden failed, mediocre engines with bad fuel economy was one of them. Everyone in the 2000s downsized and moved onto hatchbacks.

              These days all about SUVS. Holden had their plastic Craptiva, which no one bought. No one wants wagon, no matter what brand.

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                @Bid Sniper: I guess I must be no one. I hate that they've stolen my ability to carry cargo.

                • @syousef: Dont get me wrong, I love wagons, they're my favorite class of car. Talking purely in terms of market demand here. I dont see the point of a SUV when wagons can carry more cargo, more fuel efficient and look better.

                  • @Bid Sniper: Yeah. That's what I'm going to have trouble replacing. I'm driving a 2005 Falcon right now and it's getting long in the tooth. I need to replace it this year or next, and there's nothing on the market that I really want.

                    • @syousef: Subaru still do good wagons. If your Ford is a longreach variant probally suby way to go.

                      I was looking at a Subaru Levorg. Huge cargo capacity and really nice car in GTS trim. Didnt have a manual so decided against it.

                      Depends on your budget.

                      Also look at the Kia Certo GT hatch. They called a hatch but its a neat smaller wagon.

                      Also VW and Audi do wagons that look like hatches. Kia Stinger is a 5 door hatch, kinda a wagon but not wagon class of car.

                      • @Bid Sniper: Going to be near on impossible to compete with the cargo capacity of the pre-VE wagons. They were made on the ute platform. Long buggers!

                        • @spackbace: Yeah they're huge great cargo haulers

                          VZ 1402L


                          Subaru levorg with seats down, 1,446 L with seat area.

                          Kia cerato 741L

                          My Kia proceed GT seats down 1225L. Just a bizzare car.

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                            @Bid Sniper: Yeah, 1402 with seats up. Seats down it's 2752L

                            Huge difference between that and the cars you're quoting

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                              @spackbace: Oh $#!t never realised that was the capacity. Thats amamzing, guess why people moved to dual cab utes.

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                                @Bid Sniper: Yep, that's how extreme the old wagons were, hence why there's many still clinging on for dear life!

                                VE/VF wagon was nicer to drive but only because it was on the sedan wheelbase, before that they were on ute wheelbases

                                • @spackbace: GMs Grizwalds family truckster kinda killed wagons market. After those wagons no one wanted wagons anymore.

                                  Damn shame because I love wagons. My top 5 cars include Audi RS6 estate. My old WRX was the wagon. Beat a BMW M4 with a mattress strapped to the roof with it. It was the best.

                            • @spackbace: I have a cage in the back of mine so never used it with seats down, and that aspect won't be missed. Levorg looks okayish but towing capacity is lacking. But I've also never towed with my cars so in practice that might be a good option to check out.

                        • @spackbace: Or better still a “BA” Falcon Wagon! Even more cargo space!

          • @Bid Sniper: Comparing technology with cars built 15 yrs apart, your a smart one!

            • @DiscoJango: Holden more like 50 years. That V6 based 1964 Buick V6 engine and little has changed since.

              Another reason why Holden GM failed, little innovation.

      • your VZ "3.6-litre 190kW/340Nm" get that out of a 2L these days, my 1.6L KIA has 150kw.

        What's the Nm figure?

        • "and 265Nm of torque. With over 80% of its maximum torque kicking in below 1500rpm"

          Almost like a V6 low end range. Using 6th at 60kph, still power to overtake. Bizzare engine to me, direct injection twin turbo setup. Same gearbox in normal 4 banger wouldn't work, two overdrive gears.

      • What 2L motor has 190KW and 340Nm, do you mean in 100k Mercedes. What other cars are there that you can get a v6 for a decent price now or are only rich people allowed to have v6's now.

        • Base model Subaru WRX and Levorg, 2L, Maximum power output (DIN) (kW/rpm) 197kW @ 5600rpm, Maximum torque (DIN) (Nm/rpm) 350Nm @ 2400-5200rpm. $40K

          I have a modded STI, over 300kw and 660Nm with 2.5L 4 banger, the Ej257 is an old motor. My daily KIA 150kw / 265Nm out of a tiny 1.6L, just shows how cabbage the Holden Buick V6 was.

          If you want a V6, go KIA Stinger GT 272kw, half what Benz wants and better car

          • @Bid Sniper: Let's just entirely forget the forced induction attached to the engine lol

            • @spackbace: What does it matter? Cars cost the same, fuel economy is better, most people cant tell the difference or point out whats under the hood. Technology improves

              Going to slam disc brakes and fuel injection because thats cheating, direct injection? Sat Nav because you should know where you're going?

              • @Bid Sniper: You can't just blanket statement '2L' without mention of the forced induction.

                They also make a 2.8L with amazing torque - yeah it's a diesel with a turbo attached.

                What are you going to say next, Yamaha can put a 1.0L engine in something and make it quick as all shit? Yeah coz it's a motorbike.

                Cars cost the same

                Wait, did you just compare an Impreza to a Commodore? Last I checked, they're in totally different classes

                • @spackbace: Fair enough, to me like diesels motors forced induction is now kinda standard if you want performance and fuel economy.

                  Wait Honda S2000 motor, thats all motor 2L, yeah no low end torque.

                  Mid teir commo, $35K IIRC, I'm talking more price bracket. Either way, Buick V6 was cabbage and one of the main reasons why Holden failed. Most people cared more about fuel economy then power.

          • @Bid Sniper: Those are turbo motors and who wants to keep replacing headgaskets on Subarus. The Stinger motor is nice but why can't they put Stinger motor in cheaper cars. Don't kid yourself, the Holden is not a high class car but neither is Subaru, Kia or Toyota etc. People get a VW golf and act like they have a Rolls Royce Phantom. The GM v6 engines are fine for what they are, the best one has 230 kw any more than that you might as well just use a v8.

            • @computer barn find: Head gaskets is American idiots with shady internet tunes amd DIY eBay bolt ons. My old WRX had 400hp still going strong after 15 years when i sold it, unopened block. I paid for a proper build and dyno tune by the engine builder. Same with my STI, 2 years on, runs better than factory.

              I think the scaled down 1.6GDI motors in Hyundai and Kia is a excellent motor. Good poke and great fuel economy, not that expensive. Im genuinely suprised by it, with a 6MT its fun.

              Friend has a VF SV6 storm and it had huge bottom end power. Problem is it gets 12L-15L on a good day, issue never was power, it was that it chews fuel. Families are not going to buy cars that chew twice as much fuel as competition.

  • Asking for an friend, What would be a fair price for a new 2019 Equinox LT taking into account it's nearly 0 re-sale value in 5 years?
    The car itself is not that bad and its heavy depreciation might be acceptable if it id balanced by the ridiculously generous discount.

    • +1

      As I said above 40-50% discount on RRP would make me consider buying one.

      Just remember you will be keeping it for life!

    • +1

      I would still avoid it to be honest. Warranty service would also be a nightmare given it is dependent upon how much the company cares and given it is a Holden, I would not discount that you would need it. I doubt they will care too much. How much of a price can you put on peace of mind?

      • +1

        My experience: Non-warranty service was a nightmare when they were going strong.

    • Equinox: crap name, ugly car.

    • A friend of mine got 40% off a 2018 Equinox LS+ demo last year. So I'd expect at least 40% off new now? He's very happy with the car and isn't worried about resale value. He reckons surveys say the Chevy Equinox is the most dependable SUV in the US, and has been around since 2004. But this is just hearsay on my part.

  • So is Kia going to be the next stretch limo and potential hearse? Can't see Ford Mustang fastback fitting the bill … or maybe all those American owned funeral homes will import right had second hand vehicles. That could be the reason the LCT will remain :-)

    • No joke, I actually saw a Kia hearse yesterday walking my kid to school. It had the "alternate" Kia badges on it though.

  • +7

    You want someone to blame look squarely at Tony Abbott. He made a decision to kill off manufacturing in this nation.

  • +3

    GM (and Ford) is only alive in the US because of a government bailout. I think it was something like $80bn over several years.

    Where did the US government get that sort of money? Oh they don't use money, they have a special credit card with an infinite limit and no consequences of running the credit to infinity and beyond

    • +2

      Ford did not take any bailout money during the GFC
      GM and others were bailed out, but Ford had set themselves up well enough to weather the crisis and survive

      • +2

        Barely survived

        Ask Michigan what they think of Ford/GM

        • +1

          yeah agreed, but they did not take any bailout money is my point

          • +1

            @jimbobaus: I actually hadn't heard about that.

            Interesting reading - Borrowed up from the banks a few years before, during boomtime, to have spare cash. Risky move

  • What will this do to the Holden used car/resale market? Lower, higher or nothing?

    • +2

      Going to hit negative soon. You will have to pay someone to buy it from you.

    • +2

      Depends on the model

      • What about last real SV6 2017? Reckon it may keep it's price?

        • +1

          Keep? No, at some point it will be an old car. You're also up against all the other SV6s out there, as the rental companies bought many.

          Only thing the die-hards will clamour over are the V8s with the 6.2. Those will hold better than anything else

          • @spackbace: Thanks. My son wants to buy one and I cannot stop him :(
            He is a P-plater so V8s with the 6.2 is not an option unfortunately

            Will probably wait for old rentals I guess

            • +1

              @gguu: Ah fair call

              Rentals will already be in the market, they're usually flipped inside around 2yrs

              Prices are already pretty good @ around $26k with decent mileage. These were $38,990 cars when new

        • +1

          Unlikely. They aren’t a classic yet, and by the time they are a classic petrol wont be popular at all.

  • Will there be discounts if they don't get rid of current stocks by the time dealerships close at the end of the year?

    • +1

      They'd just put them on the used car section

      Dealerships likely won't close, they'll just rebrand to another brand, or purely just sell used cars

      • Yup,a lot already “multi franchise”.A Holden dealer in my region also sells,VW,Jeep & Camaros & a few Silverados.The local Ford dealer,has MG,Isuzu,Maserati,Mitsubishi,Kia,MB,Haval,& few more.But he also has a Holden dealership.They have to multi franchise otherwise they would be out of business,just selling Ford or Holden.Survival is what it is all about.

        • Yup, let's be honest, Toyota is the only 'safe' bet currently, and Mazda

          • @spackbace: I would say(& I would bet on this one) Ford are pretty okay as wellThey have quite a good range of vehicles,& more to draw from.Puma hits our shores soon as does Fiesta ST(Puma is also going to get a ST variant)Ford have always had great small performance cars,they do this very well.

  • The vassal Ozzie govt got ripped off once again… all corporate sharks sell off all the assets of a dying business then claim bankruptcy.
    Australia shovelled in billions to save this company… but this is exactly what the US wanted… exactly

  • +1

    "Axed' ?
    ——- More like 'Good Riddance' with the amount of court cases against them for not honouring commitments and warranty to customers.

    Sub standard vehicles (not all but most, unreliable, and duping customers who need help)

  • +2

    I think back to when Ford was quick to get the Territory (based on the Falcons platform) out the door when SUVs were starting to become really popular while Holden struggled to keep up, creating the relatively unsuccessful Adventra (basically a tall Commodore wagon with 4WD which is actually pretty cool) as a placeholder until they could get the Captiva into showrooms.

    • +2

      They read the market really well back then,very smart move with Territory.

  • In more positive news the electric bicycles are becoming more popular!

  • +1

    It says..
    "The remaining workforce of 200 people will take care of Holden's ongoing service and warranty commitments for up to 10 years."

    Now how are they going to do that nationally unless they appoint/certify certain mechanics to undertake this work and the workforce of 200 are just administrative workers who will manage parts and pay the certified mechanics.

    Too bad if you bought a Holden in the last few years, especially recently.
    Cant see many buying a Holden this year without the service network.

    And what about the dedicated Holden dealers? - OMG!
    Thier dealership value just went to ZERO!

    • Thier dealership value just went to ZERO!

      Well no, they still have their stock of used cars

      It's just going to cost them to rebrand unfortunately

      • A Holden Dealership no long has any value.
        Who would buy a Holden dealership now?

        Yes you are correct in that having a Holden dealership will now be a liability since as you say they will have to enter into a new deal with another brand and then the huge costs of setting up

        Stock is a different matter.

        • A Holden Dealership no long has any value.

          Ah yes it does. Just because some signs need to be changed, and walls repainted, doesn't mean the "dealership" has no value.

          What a weird thing to say

          • -1

            @spackbace: Fine then.
            Go and buy a Holden dealership with all the costs of changeover involved.

            Its not weird at all.

            when you buy a business you are paying for the goodwill.
            In this case Holden as the brand is the goodwill.
            Zero value now without doubt

            • +3

              @Amayzingone: Again, weird thought.

              1. Most dealerships' land is where the value is
              2. Stock holdings of vehicles. Some dealerships own the vehicles, some are financed.
              3. Buildings themselves. Can easily be rebranded as it's not like the floor-plan needs to be altered to sell a different model
              4. Workshops. Again, don't need anything done and typically have very little branding.

              If you think a dealership has no value just because it needs a rebrand, then you need to educate yourself.

              A refit of a dealership, to modernise and improve it, would be more expensive than a rebrand. And dealership renovations are done every 10-20 years to keep up to date

            • +2

              @Amayzingone: If you can find me a dealership willing to sell their premises for $10. I'd be happy to part with my hard earned. Mornington Holden looks like a nice one if you could swing it.

            • @Amayzingone:

              when you buy a business you are paying for the goodwill.

              But most of the purchase will be property and infrastructure. Sure, it’ll be devalued because Holden is no more, but it’s still worth a fair bit. Of course, the dealers that are already in areas serviced by mutineers other brands will be worth less unless the dealer next door want to upsize. Where they are the only dealer around it’s a perfect opportunity for a new brand to enter the area.

        • Most of them “Multi franchise” now.

  • Now, the Australian Government should buy all of Holden's assets and create a nationalised/heavily subsidised electric vehicle company.

    • How? Volt was imported? How/why is the government making cars?

      • -1

        How? Volt was imported?

        Do you have no faith in the engineers to figure it out? If Elon Musk can do it, anyone can…

        How/why is the government making cars?

        Because it's a growth industry.

        Because it will help lower our CO2 emissions.

        Because we can then export them and make money off them.

        Because private industry does not appear to be able or interested in the project.

        Because it would create lots of sustainable, long-term jobs at varying skill/training levels, possibly around the country.

        • +1

          Yeah no

          Good fantasy land you live in, however

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