Audience Behaviour at music concerts

Watching snippets of the music concerts I see quite a few people (mainly blokes) hoisting another person (usually slim female) onto their shoulders. The people behind them must have their view of the music performance obstructed. Admittedly, they would be getting a close up of a performance they didn’t expect when they paid for their tickets.
Is this behaviour generally accepted ? Perhaps it adds to the atmosphere and the overall experience of the revellers? Maybe a blocked view is accepted as just bad luck.
Or is it a case of one person’s experience overriding that of several others?


  • As a very short female I probably wouldn’t care if it was for one song especially if the person who got up went ballistic when the song came on (as though it was their favourite song of said band). If they were up for 3+ and I was right behind, I’d probably ask them to hop down.

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    Some guy tried to lift me in a mosh at a concert. Needless to say he got his face stomped on as he tried to grab my leg.

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    Trust me, a bloke is not going to be able to carry a slim or otherwise chick on his shoulders for long AND try to bop to the beat or shuffle to the rhythm, especially if the chick is bouncing up and down and grooving from side to side, arms raised and clapping to the drum beat - but it's all part of the atmosphere.

    • You have not met my mates, Des and Troy.

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    won tickets to Michael Buble in Sydney last week, the girl in front of us, was watching NetFlix for pretty much 3/4 of the show

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      Can you blame her?

    • A different audience demographic I would suggest.

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    All par for the course.

    When people annoy me at gigs but spilling beer, pushing through, getting on shoulders etc, I tend to shrug my shoulders and get over it, it is a rock show after all.

    Last night at Tool, some tool (see what I did there) over imbibed and threw up all over the floor, everyone had a laugh as he attempted to make his way out. Annoying, yes, but what do you do - just move on and try not to step in the spew.

    However, the one thing that does get my goat is the constant need to video gigs on your crappy smartphone. Sure, take a photo or two here and there but I don't get people watching the show through their phone. There are inevitably many videos from the same gig on YouTube the next day, all in the same horrendous quality. Just enjoy the show FFS! Perhaps I am just getting old and cranky as I move through the latter half of my thirties.

    • How was Tool? Didn't realise they are in town and another concert tonight!

      • Yea, was great. You get what it says on the box at a Tool show. Maynard in a silhouette at the back of the stage, and the other three doing what they do pretty amazingly.

        It does astound me the amount of sound they get from three musicians (plus vocals obviously).

        They still have tickets for tonight. Would be worth going - who know when they'll be back

    • How was compliance at TOOL? did security evict many people?

      • One bloke was kicked out just for being an idiot but no one for the no cameras policy if that’s what you’re referring to but most people kept them in their pants until Maynard told the crowd to whip them out if they wanted for stinkfist.

        Was a pretty normal standard of behaviour. Bit of moshing for the big hits and the lovely scent of weed wafting around the arena.

        Vomit man managed to make his way out of his own accord.

        • We need Yondr or similar in Aus I reckon.

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      Agree with the stupid smartphone videography. Watch the concert, you will probably never look at your horrendous grainy footage with abysmal sound quality every again.

    • i kinda wish there was a tradition of throwing half full vb cans at devices held up at concerts.

  • There is general atmosphere you can expect depending on the genre, type of concert and demographic. Some can be quite sedate, other might have dancing, mosh pits, or all the way to a 'wall of death' at some heavier types of music.

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    What about people signing along at concerts? I came to listen to the artist, not you!


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      No need to persecute the deaf.

      • Haha I swear I checked that and still managed to f it up

  • As others have said, it is pretty usual behaviour but it depends on the artist/s. If it goes on for longer than one song, security usually try to get them down if the crowd hasn't already.

    If you don't like it, check out which venue it is before you buy tix. Some have larger standing areas, some will be all-seating, some a mixture of both. Choose accordingly.

    I'm with paul123xyz above re the annoying videos on phones. I don't get why they just don't enjoy the performance rather than trying to video something that they probably won't watch again anyway.

  • It'll happen, but I wish it didn't.

    Granted, I am a 6 foot tall bloke, so I don't have to put up with not being able to see very often - and I do feel bad for the hundreds of quite short guys and girls up near the front, being jostled around and looking like they're hating life… I can see why they'd want a quick shoulder-ride for one song, but like you said, it absolutely sucks being behind that.

    Personally I would say if you can't see without blocking the view of tens of other people, maybe there are better places for you to be - balconies, further to the sides, etc. It might suck, but that's unfortunately the cards these people have been dealt.

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