Samsonite Guardit 17.3" Laptop & Tablet Backpack $53 Shipped (Was $89) @ Bagworld


I thought others might be interested in this deal. I already ordered one myself.
This comes with free shipping.

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    Just of note - Samsung 3 year warranty. Others like High Sierra have lifetime warranty.
    Not knocking the deal, I have a Samsung and love it but may influence the purchase decision.


    Seems like $53 is normal price?


    I have this bag ,purchased from Iconic .. it's really good

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    I have this bag. The padding in the straps snapped, so it sags, and the main puch zipper is coming away from the material.

    I still use it though, because I like it better than the replacement I got from Samsonite. Maybe it's time to buy a replacement/backup…


      I am glad it has 3 years warranty!


        Yeah, it's lucky they do. The straps broke within a year, and I claimed it with them. They sent me to a bag repair place in the CBD to get a note to say it was unrepairable.

        Then they let me choose a new bag from their website, and sent it to me. It was a long, slow process, but they were okay about it in the end.

        I used that other bag for about 6 months before I got sick of it (too bulky), and went back to this bag. That would be ~2yrs ago now.

        In the last 6-12 months, the zipper has started to come apart (like, teeth separate from materal totally). I just patched it up myself with a bit of thread, and it's been fine.


    Looks uncannily similar to this I bought from Kogan. I wonder who ripped off who?


      Rebadge engineering seems to be the norm nowadays. Anyone can go to a generic factory and order a batch of the products with their own labels on. Consumers are buying their brand value mostly. I bought a DJI back pack (minus the badge) from Kogan for 1/4 the price! As much as people hate Kogan, it's good that stores like them exist to give consumers alternative to rebadged products.

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    I got this bag. Regret the purchase. It's bulky and ugly. I'd suggest getting something with a nice design, but marrying that with adequate size is a whole 'nother question. Quality assurance is poor. For me I had a thread come loose and tear along one edge of one of the shoulder straps, and then one of the mesh pockets on the side tore. All within a month or two of purchase. Dealing with Samsonite Australia would equal my worst experience with after-sales; won't go into it for brevity, but they ignore and duck-and-weave in some very childish ways. Persistance did eventually get me a replacement (equally bulky and ugly).


    For those looking who dont like this style, Mighty Ape has a couple of Omen 17.3" backpacks left in stock for similar price.

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