78% off RRP on Premium Red Wine Dozen - $250 Delivered (RRP $1140) @ Wine Direct



Looking back, this somehow didn't get posted when we offered it this time last year (I suspect I was on a posting hiatus), but it was our best selling pack we have ever offered.

Included in the dozen is 4 bottles each of the following wines and comes with free shipping:

Kilikanoon Meymans Shiraz 2017 - RRP $45*
Curtis Limited Series McLaren Vale Shiraz 2016 - RRP $100
Martins Vineyard Limited McLaren Vale Shiraz 2016 - RRP $150

This averages out to $20.83 per bottle for some stunning Shiraz.

*listed for $35 on Wine Direct website.

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    Good ol' RRP.

    Actual prices that your own links are selling them for:

    Kilikanoon Meymans Shiraz 2017 - $35
    Curtis Limited Series McLaren Vale Shiraz 2016 - $70
    Martins Vineyard Limited McLaren Vale Shiraz 2016 - $100

    Total price for 4 of each is not what your original price is. But I guess that's not as great as 79% aye!

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        This is where I get confused.
        I had a look at the Kilikanoon website and could not find any reference to 'Meymans Shiraz'.
        If the winery does not have it listed in their products, how have they set the RRP?

        Happy to be provided with a link to the specific product on the wineries own website.

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      Wait, it's cheaper to buy them all seperate than the pack? That's $205 vs $250? :/

      Dan's sells the last 2 for $100 a bottle.


        the price is for 4 of those of each kind

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          $100 for 4?
          Dan's is $100ea or $400 for 6

          $250 is still a great price for a dozen.
          The Martin's and Curtis's alone is $700ish

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            @lyork: Nah, it's $100 each - so four would cost you $400. My point's that it is a bit of #ScottyfromMarketing spin to advertise the RRP price when the same company's not even selling them for RRP

            Yes, it's cheaper than what you'd get buying them each individually, but it's not as great as what the marketing wording is claiming

            Edit: Except if you buy it from Dan's, as you pointed out, where you'd get 2 extra bottles it seems for the same $400


      I look at it as 12 x bottles of well rated Shiraz at average of just over $20 per bottle - not a bad deal.
      On Dan Murphy type pricing still around $800 for the dozen, even though I personally wouldn't ever pay $80+ per bottle for the Curtis / Martins.

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    Wow. It was $1180, great price

  • +1 vote

    anyone tried these wines, are they on par with the average $20 bottle wine?


    I am a winedirect regular and was looking last night trying to decide between this offer and the $1,000.00 for $269.00.

    Ignore the RRP nonsense and buy on the basis that it all bottles are a bargain at $20.83 each.

    I cannot imagine anybody being disappointed with what they will drink.

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    Guys…you are more worried with RRP price than the "discounted" price…shame of you.

    • -1 vote

      hahaha my thoughts, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

      • -1 vote

        It is funny because no one could show a cheaper price. They are like "oh no! Those wine worth $600 not 1k! I won't buy them for $250 lol"

      • +6 votes

        Simple solution. Leave out the RRP discount bullshit and advertise the discount based on your normal selling price - as you are required/advised to do by consumer law. Seems like a decent deal and apparently some Ozbargainers reckon $20 a bottle delivered is good value for these wines, but you're (rightly) getting brickbats for the title instead of comments recommending the product and its value.

        It's amazing how many retailers don't know consumer law pricing basics. https://www.accc.gov.au/publications/advertising-selling/adv...
        Here's one extract relevant to this deal:

        "Businesses using statements such as 'savings' or 'discounts' when comparing a sale price to the RRP of goods and services may convey to potential customers that they are getting a good deal because the sale price is less than the RRP. If the product has never been previously sold at the RRP, or the RRP does not reflect a current market price, then this type of comparison may, depending on the circumstances, misrepresent the savings that may be achieved".

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      I am more worried about the fact that the RRP seems inflated with the aim of presenting a better 'bargain'. No different to plenty of other posts on OzBargain that are scrutinised on the same basis.

      I posted over 90 minutes ago that I could not find any reference to 'Meymans Shiraz' on the Kilikanoon website, to validate the claimed RRP. I could not find any other retailer who sells it, to validate the claimed RRP.
      And OP has not responded so far.

      I can buy plenty of wine for ~$20/bottle.

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        I hadn't replied yet as I was looking into it myself to make sure I provided a clear and correct answer. The Meymans is a label that is made by Kilikanoon and sold to us. I don't believe they list it on their site as most of the fruit they keep from the Meymans Block goes into their Covenant Shiraz. We do have the wine on our site at a discounted price of $35 though, so if you are really want the RRP on the deal changed to $1140 instead of $1180, I'm happy to do that for you :)

        • +2 votes

          If $35 is your normal selling price, and you are the exclusive seller of this item, in my view that is the price that you should quote.

          What about the Martins Vineyard Limited McLaren Vale Shiraz 2016. That seems to be readily available for $100 elsewhere; I couldn't locate any sellers at $150.


            @GG57: on the Curtis Family Vineyards website. I just went to their site and found it. Feel free to do the same

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              @Dboc1987: Thanks.
              Had a look and they only sell in 6 or 12 pack quantities (although they advertise it at $150/bottle)

              6 bottles for $650 (= $108/bottle)
              12 bottles for $1250 (= $104/bottle)

              • -1 vote

                @GG57: Perhaps you should let them know, i do not run their website, sorry

                • +2 votes

                  @Dboc1987: Nah, I'm not bothered what they show.

                  But it would appear that the quoted RRP/bottle is not possible to attain, so would be invalid to quote?

                  • -2 votes

                    @GG57: no, not at all. We will bring it to Curtis' attention. I do not have time to argue with you about the wineries website though. If you feel it is worth reporting to admins of Ozbargain, please do so, if not, move on.

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      Guys…you are more worried with RRP price than the "discounted" price…shame of you.

      So you're happy for a company to tell you that you're "saving $xxx" when you're really not? There's a thing called 'Two-price Comparison Advertising' by the ACCC.

      Statements such as 'Was $150/Now $100' or '$150 Now $100' are likely to be misleading if products have not been sold at the specified 'before' or 'strike *through'prices in a reasonable period immediately before the sale commences.

      A cached version of the Kilikanoon with RRP of $45 (which they've now pointed out is only $35 in the post) was also $35 back in Apr 2018 and Apr 2019

      The Martin? $100 in May 2018 and March 2019

      Giving them the benefit of the doubt, there doesn't seem to be many cached copies, so perhaps they did sell at RRP in between.

      The discount looks good, there's no denying that. But was it ever sold at the RRP? If not, it shouldn't be advertised as a RRP savings. A trader making you think you're getting a great price is Bartering 101, and I'm sorry if I don't believe all the marketing hype and throw my money at them.

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    Don't forget AMEX offer, spend $100 get $20 back. So that brings it down to $230.

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    RRP $1140

    Cool story bro

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    This pack seems to be a lot of wines that no one really wants at prices that are still too high even with the fictitious level of discounting.

    • +3 votes

      Exactly. These Curtis / Martins Vineyard (same company) wines have been readily available at these prices for a long time now. Pretending they're worth $100/$150 respectively is borderline offensive to any wine producer who's actually earned those kind of RRPs honestly.

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