Singapore trip in April. Should I cancel it?

I am thinking to cancel the trip. I booked flights and accommodation already and the trip is mid April. Seeing the coronavirus is now hitting Singapore we are getting worried.
Is anyone doing the same and cancelling trip for April?


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    ofc … gee…. still need to ask?

  • Who are you flying with?

    You may not be able to get there anyway:

    • Scootfly from Syd to Singapore and then Qantas on the way back.

      • Hmm, based on how things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if more flights are cancelled before your trip.

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    Singabore… nuff said. It's best use is an economic hub and/ or stop over destination at best. Cancel and go somewhere fun.

    • Yep we might go to Penang or koh samui in between but this doesn't look good at the moment.

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      its actually a really great place to visit. If you can do a long stopover there even its well worth it

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        Why was this downvoted? I too visited in 2017 and before that in 2000

        Holiday is only as good as the company, and we had a blast there. It was mainly focused around food which lead us to many places and markets that I missed the first trip. The first trip was focused on Marina Bay and Orchard Road etc, which I agree, quickly became boring.

        Best zoo I ever visited was at Singapore - spent 2 days solid there.

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          I'm with you. I thought Singapore was pretty good. I've certainly been worse places. (I'm looking at you Los Angeles).

          • @try2bhelpful: Agree LA is overrated, unless you like to look at empty celebrity houses.

            • @sagrules: It is a bunch of suburbs looking for a centre. San Francisco is a much better destination.

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      Haha, this speaks of someone who has never actually traveled much. Singapore is one of the most vibrant places you can visit.

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          I have travelled to 59 countries as of today, so does it mean my point about Singapore is more valid than yours? I say 100% NO and it should be that way.

          The point is; we all see things differently and we are ALL correct - regardless of how many countries you/one have been to or not.

          We can go watch Justin Bieber at a concert together, sitting side by side, you might dislike it and I might find it energetic.

          We could go to Africa together, you might like the wildlife and I might dislike the poverty.

          We could go to the best restaurant in the world - yes and I make it my mission to visit ever #1 restaurant winner in the world. You might dislike the entire experience and I would love it.

          So opinions are just that, your own. Our own. We are all right.

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    The FEAR mongering is crazy! Just think about it - no Australian has died from this virus and its two months in. How many in the western world has died from flu-related illness in the same time, yet no one is talking about it.

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      The huge public awareness of this particular strain is the reason why it hasn't killed more.

      The fears are warranted. The common flu from the past season has a fatality rate of 0.05% while the Conavirus is at 2%.

      Don't confuse the low number of deaths as a measure of its potency. All this fear mongering is helping to contain it.

      • We could use (any reliable) stats to argue a point, let's use a different angle.

        The mortaility rate within China using 2018 WHO figures is 7 deaths per 1,000 people. In 2018, 9.8 million people died in China from whatever cause. Let's break that down to per day, 26,850 people die each and every day in China.

        In the two months since this virus, a bit over 2,000 have died within China from the virus. In the same period, around 1.6 million people have died within China.

        Let's look at worldwide figures. THREE people have died outside of China to date. 165,000 people in the world, outside of China, WILL DIE in the next 24 hours.

        Yes, I love statistics. I love mindset - and how a FEARful mindset will limit our lives.

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          Okay lets both agree the common cold has killed more. At the end of the day would you tell me you'd be willing to holiday a the Hubei province right now?

          Yeah didn't think so.

          • @Ryanek: Oh, Man there are a lot of places I would my holiday right now, and there doesn’t need to be this virus for me to make that decision.

          • @Ryanek: Am I willing to go to Hubei? The answer is "it doesn't matter" because no matter what I say, you already have an assumption, yes or yes?

            Don't live in FEAR …. False Evidence Appearing Real.

            One day we will all die, that time we all don't know, but live today & love tomorrow, make every bloody second count and never ever live with regret.

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      you do realise that china gets around only around hundred deaths for each flu season right?

      coronavirus has already killed many thousands in a couple of months

      same country, same reporting

      pro tip: in china if you die of a complication then that's what makes it on to the death certificate.. this is why only ~100 people die every year of the "flu" over there

      maybe spend 3 minutes reading on a subject before broadcasting your ignorance and claiming it's other people that are misinformed

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        LOL is that your key argument? That only 100 died from the flu within China annually? Give me a source?

        I will give you tens of sources that demonstrate ZERO australians within Australia have died from Coronovirus.

        Talking about broadcasting your ignorance and claiming I am misinformed.

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    yeah you should cancel it, singapore is boring. singapore, the country is just like it's airport - a stopover at best.

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    How much do you enjoy being alive?

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  • Is anyone doing the same and cancelling trip for April?

    If I say yes would it make you feel better? Then I'll say YES to cancelling my non-exiting trip to Singapore.

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    I would cancel. The thought of getting caught up in quarantine (if unlucky) is enough to put me off.

  • We have a trip booked for early March to Singapore, wife 5 and 1 year old. We think it mmm is pretty safe, there are many other virus' you could pick up anywhere especially in less developed countries in Asia. Having said that we have the option of leaving our 1 yr old behind so we will do that to reduce the risk (hand washing etc).

    Overall we will reduce our public transport travel and attending crowded indoor events just to be careful. Otherwise we are not too concerned. Have a look at some FB groups like Singapore groupies for more current info. GL.

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    More Australians have been killed by guns in USA than this Coronavirus (which is actually zero Australian deaths to date).

    Do we hear, should I cancel my trip to the USA?

  • I am flying Aus to UK via Malaysia in April, wife is going via Hong Kong still all on track wife recently got a flight details update to say the flight would go right through to the uk now, looks like refuel stop only in Hong Kong now

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    I'd suggest cancelling and going via cruise ship.

  • I'm booked to go to Singapore in April as well. I've been advised by my gp not to go so am seriously considering cancelling. I'll make my decision next month.

  • I would cancel or delay until late April or May. If you want to go, please get an N95 mask and wearing it all the time.

  • I have a trip booked to Thailand and Singapore in April too. I have no concerns. Get travel insurance and live your life.

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      A lot of travel insurance do not cover pandemic such as coronavirus.

      • Meh… I'm not concerned. If I can't go, I can't go. If I can't get a refund for flights, then so be it. I haven't booked accommodation yet.

        There is no health warning against traveling to Singapore

        Can't live your life in fear.

        • There should be, Private enterprises have stopped travel to Singapore and Thailand, do you think they would do so otherwise?

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      Read carefully on the T&C before buying the travel insurance

      • I can see all travel insurances quietly updating their product disclosure statements to avoid paying out

        • So as I have said you will need to buy lots of mask and hand sanitiser if you must go.

  • Coronavirus is hitting everywhere.
    Cancel all trips
    Seal all doors and windows
    Do not leave home

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    I had a trip planned for end of March. I have now canceled it and dont care that tickets are not refundable.
    Between 15-20% of people contracting the virus need hospitalization for weeks. This is not "just a flu"!
    What we have seen to date is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

  • I just received an email from Scoot, who I'm flying with to Singapore in April, waiving their change flight fee. I'm seriously considering doing that.

    • Does cancellation count?

  • No only changing the flight date.

  • im actually in singapore atm, coming back to AU tonight, but will come back in a few weeks.

    the level of awareness here is pretty re-assuring.

    every building, hotel you go into, they take your temperature and details - so they can track you down if they need to.

    people don't shake hands/hug

    lots of places are empty

    in 14 days here i've had my temperature taken more times than the rest of my life put together

    alcohol cleaning spray is everywhere

    if you're gonna get sick anywhere, i think Sg probably one of the better places.

  • Yes, my son is living in Singapore at present and says the same. Their Government is doing a great job. Problem is apparently the virus has been spreading amongst locals so I think it is still risky.