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20% off Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods (Biodegradable & Compostable) @ Plantation Pods


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    look forward to seeing you post this again in another two weeks

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    Big fan of Republica Organic biodegradable pods. Generous samples (30 pods for $10 delivered) and easily available at Coles.

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    Compostable? As in?
    Can I chuck it in my compost pile?
    What's the capsule made of?


      Their website is pretty light on details for what it is actually made of… they inclusion of "place in green bin" and "industrial composting facility" suggests to me that the pods are not home compostable. Probably PLA-based pods (i.e. Bioplastic). ngl, I'm too lazy to reach out to them directly.

      At Plantation Pods we believe that being environmentally conscious should be easy. Our pods are 100% biodegradable & compostable. To achieve that, we selected an innovative pod design that breaks down in 90 days when disposed of correctly, delivering an eco-friendly solution to coffee pod lovers everywhere. Disposal is easy - simply place within your green council bin if it accepts compostable & biodegradable packaging. Alternately drop off at an industrial composting facility. Our packaging is also compostable being made up of brown recycled paper and a corn based biofilm. Simply, remove tin tie & sticker before placing into the green bin.


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