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[PS4] A Plague Tale: Innocence $24.95 (Was $77.95) @ PSN Store AU


A true hidden gem of 2019…

First time seeing this fantastic title at a price this low.
Note that it is also difficult to find now brand new or secondhand.

Excellent narrative driven action/adventure game from an independent studio.
Brilliant voice acting & an engaging story set in medieval Paris.
Beautifully created varied environments.

One of my top games of 2019

A demo is available, but it really doesn’t do justice for what is coming later in the game.

81 Metascore
86 User Score
94% positive on Steam
Many 8/10 - 10/10 reviews.

Launch trailer:

Follow the grim tale of young Amicia and her little brother Hugo, in a heartrending journey through the darkest hours of history. Hunted by Inquisition soldiers and surrounded by unstoppable swarms of rats, Amicia and Hugo will come to know and trust each other. As they struggle to survive against overwhelming odds, they will fight to find purpose in this brutal, unforgiving world.

1349. The plague ravages the Kingdom of France. Amicia and her younger brother Hugo are pursued by the Inquisition through villages devastated by the disease. On their way, they will have to join forces with other children, and evade swarms of rats using fire and light. Aided only by the link that binds their fates together, they will face untold horrors in their struggle to survive.As their adventure begins… the time of innocence ends.

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  • +6

    People really need to play this if they haven't already.

    • I've been hearing that a lot lately, gonna try it out

  • +1

    I heard it's rats.

    • +1

      I heard it bites

  • +3

    I played the story all the way through on PC with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. I think it's well worth it at this price.

    I really enjoyed the story and voice acting.

    Linear game with elements of stealth, puzzle platforming, horror, action, and crafting.

    • +1

      Is (still) included in Xbox games pass for those that have the subscription

  • +1

    Really enjoying it at the moment.

  • May get downvotes for this but honestly couldn't get into it. Bought it on the Steam sale but found it boring. Would recommend trying on Game Pass before buying.

    • It’s not for everyone.
      It is certainly slow paced but I find that it’s still filled with variety right to the very end.
      There is a demo on PSN, but it is just the opening level, which by no means demonstrates what the game really has to offer in the levels further in.

      • Yeah, I thought they did a great job of introducing new mechanics and variations throughout the game to prevent it from becoming stale and repetitive.

    • +1

      Everybody loved this game but I totally agree with you. Gave it a try after Jedi to make the most out of Origin Access, for the praise it received I just couldn't stick with it. Stealth has improved a lot over the years, and this game's linear gameplay and stealth both feel like they're stuck in 2010. I definitely thought it'd be better by how well it has been critically received. It's not bad, but it's not great either.

  • It was short but sweet, I recently finished it (on game pass)

  • Any cheap copies available for Xbox, anyone? Please don't suggest rental services.

  • Ok I bought this on the strength of OP's passionate review - don't let me down! I still have PS credit from that EB Games deal to trade in controllers.

  • +1

    Haven't played but watched it from start till finish being played on YouTube. My son who'se about the age of the protagonist loved it too.

  • +1

    It's a great game and a mix of fighting and puzzles. You can choose a stealth or loud approach, the story and characters are well created (It won for Outstanding Story-Rich Game in 2019 Steam Awards).

  • +1

    Very good game coming from a guy who's very critical of games. Take it for what's it's worth. :)

  • +1

    Highly recommend this game, if you love story driven games this one is incredible. The gameplay involving the rats is so unique and such a great game mechanic to use.

    You can play it on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox too.

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