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Asus Radeon RX 580 Dual 8GB OC $249 + $23 Delivery @ Umart


1st post on here but I've been in the market for a 580 and came across this deal! Unsure of what the lowest price has been for this specific card but it appears to be the current lowest price for a 580 8GB in general.

The site says it last's for 15 hours, but I don't know when it started, sorry.

Umart adds a 1.5% fee if paying by Paypal, Zip or credit card (debit) bringing to total to $276.08 (shipping price included).

No fee if paying by Bpay or Direct Deposit - Price: $272 (Shipping price included

Screenshot of cart at checkout

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    I would much rather get the RX590 for $289 + delivery. It's still cheap but the extra performance is worth it, unless of course, you are on an extremely strict budget.


      Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't notice that deal! Looks like you'll save $3 on shipping over the 580 as well.

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    Another Alternative, to save a little bit and also drop to 4GB VRAM

    ASUS Radeon RX 580 Dual Gaming OC 4GB

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      Came here to say this. You are wasting the extra $50 on the extra 8gb VRAM. The RX580 just isnt powerful enough to take advantage of it. there's a reason why more powerful modern GPUs such as the 1660 series and the RX5600XT "only" have 6gb VRAM.


      for anyone still playing @ 1920x1080 (1080p) you'd be mad not to get the 4gb version and save $50


        Games i play are getting a bit too memory hungry lately. I seriously feel that my 4gb 580 just doesnt have enough ram for games like Assasins Creed Odyssey, Anno 1800 and Mechwarrior 5. To name a few.

        Performance may just be a consequence of 8gb of system ram though.

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    Have one of these, I've found the fans are super noisy.

    I ended up wiring up 2x noctua fans and attaching them with zip ties.


      The 590 stops the fans on normal desktop use, only active during games.
      Is it not the same with 580?
      +1 for cable ties


        Its the same with my Sapphire 580, you can enable/disable it in the AMD control Center.

        Or just manually tune the fan profiles and or voltage stages (Underclock at level 1-3) so it doesnt generate enough heat to activate the fans.

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    i love the rx580, its a bloody good card in my opinion. expecially for the price.

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    at this price you may as well get the 5500 xt you'll save so much on power cost

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      save so much on power cost

      More like… nada


        well it depends on how much you use it, if your computer all the time the 580 is burning extra watts just from idle consumption

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          There is around 6W difference between idle on the modern 5xxx and older 5xx cards (https://www.anandtech.com/show/15206/the-amd-radeon-rx-5500-...)

          Note, this 6W difference is around 1/10th of the total power use of the computer on idle, so makes no difference, whatsoever.

          Anyway, if we calculate with a 23c/KWh energy price, that is

          6 / 1000 * 23 / 100 * 24 * 365 = $12.09 different in a year, if the computer is on 24/7

          That is more like… nada, under normal (mostly desktop) use.


            @ocoolio: yeh but over say 4 years that's almost $50…

            if you're like me i have my computer on 14hrs/day, so the savings are real.

            also under max load the 580 will pull way more power

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              yeh but over say 4 years that's almost $50

              More like $28.21 over 4 years if you use your computer 14hr/day. Did you fail math or something, or even worse, are you suffering from dyscalculia?

              So over 4 years, you would save half the price of what you would spend on a more expensive card.

              Good chat

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                @ocoolio: lmao calm down

                what if i use it for 5 years? what if i decide to game for a few hrs?

                a 5500 xt is currently $279: https://www.pccasegear.com/products/48821/powercolor-radeon-...

                you do the maths

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                  @abctoz: What next.. switch off all the lights, switch the refrigerator off between 11pm - 6am, only use a fan in summer, and only hot water bottles in Winter… I mean that is going to make you a good chunk of change on power costs, saving $50 over a few years, really???

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                    @TilacVIP: if you take $50 off a graphics card and put it on ozbargain, people will be falling over themselves to snag it, but if you say you save $50 power bill, it's almost like people's brains stop functioning - the result is the same if you think about it, you get $50 extra in your bank account

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                      @abctoz: Let's be real here, if you took a survey I'd say 99% would not be buying a graphics card for saving on power bills.

                      People care about FPS, not $50 in power bill savings over 5 years, but if you are one of those, more power (no pun intended) to you.

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                        @TilacVIP: it's a strange condition you get after having done some crypto mining, you start thinking about power bills a lot more ;)

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    This is a good card for anyone with a legacy 'cheese grater' Mac Pro wanting to upgrade to Mojave.

    (If you PC guys cannot figure out what I mean, don't worry it's kinda specific to Apple users.)


    At these prices its getting seriously tempting to just drop in and buy a 2x cards for Crossfire..
    If only Crossfire was still a viable investment. :(

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