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Moët & Chandon Brut NV Champagne 750ml $55 @ First Choice Liquor


Decent price for Moët. Combine with the bonus flybuys points and upsized ShopBack deals for extra savings.

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First Choice Liquor
First Choice Liquor



    She keeps a Moët et Chandon, in her pretty cabinet


    Says $62.00 for me.


    Did my own search and it came up at $55.00 - bizarre!


    Federer loves it 😂

    Recounting it in Good Weekend, Hooper told of how an agent intervened in the conversation. "You only have five minutes," says the publicist, suddenly breaking any spell. "So if you can include the Moet questions?"

    Beforehand, the publicist has emailed Hooper, stipulating a question about Moet. She’d replied evasively.

    "So do you drink a lot of champagne?" I ask. He looks only slightly uneasy as he answers, "Selectively, in certain moments. I like to celebrate more today. When I was younger I was running from one thing to the next … but today I try to savour moments more. Not only on the tennis court, it's also when I catch up with friends. There's always something to celebrate and then I try to open a bottle of Moet et Chandon."

    Hooper, surprised at this guilelessness, tried to move the conversation on. She didn’t get far. "You have one minute: if we can maybe have one more reference to Moet et Chandon," says the publicist. "Maybe you can talk about the 2004 vintage and why that's so important and special to you?"

    "In 2004, I became world No. 1," he says. "It's the one I try to open whenever it's a really big occasion for me, so that's my favourite." Federer's voice trails off. He's self-conscious.