Looking for Good but affordable 100% Linen Bed Sheets/Covers

Can anyone recommend brands for quality 100% linen bed sheets and covers that is also on the cheaper end? I went to a few standard bed linen shops and the price was good but the quality was crap. I'm not really prepared to pay what the expensive places charge, there is some on Temple & Webster but not sure of the quality.
Thanks for your help!


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    I think you shouldn’t get too cheap bed linen. Myer regularly has 40-50% off bed lining which brings it down to about $80-$100 for a queen set

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    Can you link to some example sets that you find too costly?

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    There was a comment a while ago by an Ozbargainer who brought up the store Elkie & Ark. I've never bought anything from them, but they appear to be quite good. I've only bought linen bedding from Linen Shed and it's good enough for me.

    I'm pretty sure supasaiyan makes the same comment in every thread about bedding even though the OP is specifically asking about linen fabric bedding. Nevertheless, Myer do have a few linen offerings from the brand Linen House.