Advice on Getting Rid of a Golf Mk6 2009 118tsi

Guys, I have Golf mk6 2009 118tsi

Its making loud noises from the engine and producing excessive smoke.

I want to get rid of it (preferably for a small amount) and I don't want to spend an arm and a leg fixing it

What are my options?


  • Sell it on scumtree with disclosure of issues.

    Saw a 2004 with 135000km with issues (water leak and broken fan) last week. Advertised for $1k, sold within a few days. Might have bought it myself to fix (had 5month rego) except it was automatic.

  • Phone up the wreckers, you may get up to $100 for it and they'll pick it up.

    Don't forget to cash in any rego. it still may have.

  • Gumtree. Someone will buy it just for the parts.

  • It might be worthwhile spending a hundy on it to see what the problem is.

  • excessive smoke.

    What would be the acceptable amount of smoke?

  • I'm pretty sure that the 118TSI (1.4L twin charger engine) was widely known to have significant reliability issues in the MK VI Golf (if fitted in combination with the 7 speed dry clutch semi-auto transmission, even worse, as that also had a whole other set of potentially serious + expensive problems).

    In the Mk VI I think the other engine choices and 6 speed wet clutch DSG transmission were somewhat better (reliability-wise) but still not great from that standpoint

    Selling it in a responsible manner (i.e. disclosing what's wrong with it) on Gumtree etc. is most likely the best option rather than throwing too much money at it to fix it up (repairs can be pretty costly for the 1.4L Twin Charger engine).

    However, just spending a bit to see what the actual issue is and get an idea of how much it would cost for repairs could be worthwhile

  • Perhaps not the same issue, but early 2018 I lost power in a Golf 118 TSI heading north on warringah freeway just after North Sydney. Cars flying past me at 80, I couldn't go much above 40 or 50 without the car shuddering.

    Took it to the mechanic who said it had a cracked piston or something, so we took it to VW dealer and complained, head office approved a whole engine rebuild for free (apparently $10k worth) as a gesture of goodwill.

    Sold it for $7,500 a few months later…I had already put almost $1k into it for servicing and new brake discs just before the engine issues
    …and apparently it needed new shocks and other issues that would have cost over $1,500 to fix…glad I got rid of that lemon!

    • Sounds like a relatively lucky escape from that thing on a number of levels

    • My sister's piece of poo Tiguan had the same issue and VW fixed it for free like yours.

      That compounded with the backwards working deadlocks finally convinced her to get rid of it.

      At least it was manual so no issues with DSG

    • So what steps should i take if i want to achieve the 10k gesture of goodwill?

      • Dunno…mention ACL at least.

        My Golf had only done about 50,000 kms I think that was one of the main reasons they did it.

        But if it is the same/common faults that many others have experienced (it is well documented online Eg ), they might still do it, or at least chip in a percentage of the repair costs. It's a case by case thing that head office does I think.

      • My sister's was a MY14 Tiguan with 60 thousand KMs and full service history.

        The engines are known for cracking pistons.

        They diagnosed and check the service records, then the service person told us to wait and went away for a few minutes and offered the repair free of charge in the name of VW Australia. We only paid 350 to get new timing chain as the engine was already going to be opened.

        My sister had bought that car used.

        We never mentioned ACL or anything.

    • Wouldn’t a 2018 Golf still be under warranty? How is VW fixing it good will?

  • I had the same model and year car with the same piston issue. VW said they MIGHT help with a new engine but first I needed to have it stripped down and diagnosed at the local VW dealer at a cost of $1300. Traded it in for $6k less than it would have been worth without the engine issue.

  • How much are you hoping to get for it? Gumtree you may get more money, but will have to deal with endless morons, send it to auction and you might get a bit less, but won't have to deal with morons.

  • Just abandon it on the side of the road somewhere.

    • Now that’s a plan, but you haven’t told them how to get rid of body and engine numbers.

      A mandatory Ozbargain MSPaint diagram or at least a YouTube video on this, so they can save the fines

      • Don't worry about it. The police will understand your position and will tow it away to landfill as a favour to the poor sucker.

  • It's insured, yeah?

  • The engine failures of the MK6 118tsi twincharger are pretty widely documented. Lots of stories of cracked pistons.
    Most buyers will know about this, so a 118TSI with noise and smoke will be a red flag.

    Some people have been lucky enough to get VW to pay part of the repair cost.
    Personally I'd get a diagnosis and then ask VW to come the the party.

  • You buy thicker engine oil.

    You buy two bottles of STOP SMOKE… yes the shop people will know.

    You drain the old oil out… and replace with the thicker oil, plus the two STOP SMOKE.

    Sounds as though your piston rings are excessively worn, and if this is the case, my remedy should temporarily fix the job.

    If however, worn valves, then although a much cheaper job to fix mechanically speaking - there is no magic oil fix.

    You need to tell the prospective buyer ALL THE ISSUES otherwise toy a committing FRAUD

  • Advertised the only car I’ve never been able to sell — local CAPRI - on carsales. Disclosed it had done quarter million kms, disclosed it jumped out of top gear, disclosed it had an engine click, recommended it as parts for a CAPRI enthusiast. Sold as is, where is.
    Still had morons, international students wanting a Roadworthy or asking if it had a warranty.
    Ended up gifting it to storage guy who stores my Mustang
    May be better to dump it in the trade to someone who knows what they’re getting

  • Many have aleaday stated the obvious!

    Advertise it with the obvious faults