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[NSW, VIC, WA] Crocs Playcentre - Kids Pay Their Age on Weekdays in February


Children can “Pay their Age” for entry on weekdays during February at participating stores.

Adults are free.

Non-participating stores
Hoppers Crossing (VIC), Kilburn (SA) & North Lakes (QLD) are not participating.

All other Croc’s stores across Australia are participating in our Pay Your Age promotion.

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    What is the price normally

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    Children can “Pay their Age” for entry on weekdays

    Their real age, or the age they behave ?


    Thanks OP, day-off due to the prep orientation month is sorted now :)


      Shouldn't they be doing their homework ?

      • +4 votes

        Shouldn't you be doing your physio?


        It's prep year, the only homework given is reading 5 pages book.

        Let them have fun, they'll have the rest of live to study

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          they'll have the rest of live to study

          The tiger mums at our school are already preparing their prep kids for university entrance exams.

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    Why on earth would a parent allow their child to play with Crocs? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

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    These play centres are great if mums and dads want a week off from work. Guaranteed your kid will pickup some sort of virus and be off school/daycare for a week.

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      Last time I went to one was a few years back.

      One kid climbed to the top level, pulled out his doodle and started urinating down to the ground floor, narrowly missing the other kids.
      I mentioned it to a nearby staff member, and it was quite an amusing afternoon after that…

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      Spot on. The ones at shopping malls are much worse. When kids are sick and cannot go to school, they often get chucked into these. At one busy shopping mall I saw a kid in one of the play areas vomitting and the parents kept their kid in there only for the kid to vomit in another spot not even telling the cleaners and just rushing off. I was busy trying to inform all the parents to get their kids out of there including grabbing kids about to slide into vomit, etc. and trying to get other kids to avoid it and tell centre management to get the cleaners which took a long time. The cleaners looked at it in shock and took another long time in trying to devise how to get to all the vomit in different places.

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    Are you sure it wasn't you jv? 😅

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    This isn't a fair promotion. My child is Benjamin Button. This damn excursion is going to cost me around $100 entry.

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      $100 entry but all the females will be around and swooning at the young/old Brad Pitt.


    Came for the comments…. wa not disppointed 🤣🤣

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    Excludes South Australia. Shame.


    Ugh excludes my local.


    seriously curious how they gonna determine the age? Some kids just look so much smaller than others of same age. and it's not like parents carry birth cert around too.

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