How to find a hidden camera?

Long story but I was complaining about my partner to a friend which my partners doesn’t know. The next day he was angry like he knew what I had said.
My first thought was maybe he has some recording device, so I downloaded this app which is meant to find these devices connects to WIFI.
It came up with the Router, my phone and some device called ‘Generic’.
What do you think this could be? We got nothing else connected to the WIFI we are pretty old fashion.


  • Take off your tin foil hat

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      Once you've been that long with a person, you know exactly and can pretty much predict how that person handles a particular situation (esp. if it has occurred before) and how the person reacts.

      In addition, unbeknowingly, we all subconsciously give out subtle cues whenever we are dissatisfied with someone and it is difficult to mask that dissatisfaction 24 hrs/day and this is something our partners can easily pick up on. Body language, people.

      If your partner knows you were out with a friend and that you were both having a tiff prior to that, it is also really not that hard to figure out what the topic of your discussion with your friend is going to be.

    • Location


    • Take off your tin foil hat

      Who told you I was paranoid?

    • "Take off your tin foil hat" agreed, I can't get good reception when the OP has it on.

  • Change the router/wifi password.

    • Do I need to call up the internet provider? It’s not in my name.

      • you need to log on to the router. Probably shouldn't try this if you don't know what you're doing… but…

        When connected on your phone find your Gateway address and put this address in a browser (chrome or safari). Then to log on you can try the generic admin credentials for your brand/model router (you can google these).

        Once in the menu's should be pretty self-explanatory (you'd probably want to keep an eye out for something like WPA password and change that). Then you'd need to update your phone with the new password.

        I can't give you more detailed info without knowing what model your devices are unfortunately. Good luck.

      • Grab a Hammer

    • Change the router/wifi password

      Change the partner.
      Get a trusty and trusted one.

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    install hidden camera to catch someone installing a hidden camera

  • Your friend is sleeping with your partner.

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    I see you're from Tassy, are you sure they don't know each other?

  • I think you got a bigger fish to fry, better fix your trust issue with your partner.

    • Pretty sure OP isn't the one who has "trust issues" - what exactly are you proposing she do? Go please stop spying on me it's really freaky and controlling? That's not likely gonna end well.

  • I was complaining about my partner to a friend that my partners doesn't know

    Usually when you complain, it's not just to one person. Are you sure you haven't forgotten that you've also complained to someone else that your partner does know?

    Most of the bugs or hidden cameras are from china so they either come up on wifi with a chinese sounding word or a long random mix of letters and numbers.

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    about my partner to a friend which my partners doesn’t know

    Polygamous marriage?

  • Can't see their marriage lasting much longer.

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    That was a very short long story :p

    What makes you think he is spying on you? Has he ever done so in the past?

  • The next day he was angry like he knew what I had said.

    I would suggest talking to him to see why he is upset first, rather than just assuming he is and then assuming the reason he is is something which has a very, very remote chance of being correct.

    • He told me to stop talking crap about him and I’ve never done that before. What was the chance of that.

      • So I feel like this calls for at least another round of experiment before you jump into conclusion. Test for at least one positive story about him and a negative one at different occasions, leave some time in between, and see if he reacts in any way. But a huge drawback is, you are testing something way more than a hidden camera here…

        Some things in life should never be tested, doesn't matter how justified they might seem at the time. Then again I don't know anything about your relationship.

      • Maybe follow that up with another question. You know, have one of those conversation things. People tell me they're helpful in a relationship.

      • I suggest you have a really good think about your relationship. Does he exhibit controlling behaviours, does he try to stop you seeing your friends or try to isolate you from your family. The guy who murdered his family wasn’t beating up his wife but he was very controlling. This could be nothing or it could be an indicator of something more. Is the feeling of being watched your spidey senses tingling that something is “off”. Standing back and analysing the relationship is a good thing. Have a chat to your friends, somewhere outside the house, and get their honest opinions.

        • Could be OP at fault too. Whinging about the partner to someone else, rather than their partner, doesn't scream healthy relationship to me

          • @spackbace: What are you talking about? That's what friends are for!? Or am I doing it wrong?

          • @spackbace: I'm sure there are some issues on both sides; this is why the analysis needs to take place. However, if you don't gripe about your partner to someone else, occassionally, then I think there might be something wrong in the relationship as well. I've been shacked up with the, proverbial, saint for the last forty years but I still find a couple of things to mention at my ladies get together. It's only polite, so nobody feels they have been saddled with the dud. However, my saint would also see this in good humour and would'nt tell me to stop slagging him off. This is the bit that concerns me; he knew and he wanted to make sure she knew he knew.

      • where did this conversation take place between you and your friend

  • Baby monitor?

  • A voice recorder/field recorder can record for up to 12 hours (maybe even longer). The person would need to turn it on, hide it, then come back for it to listen to what was recorded. If that was possible google image search voice recorder so you know what to keep an eye out for. If it wasn't possible then you can rule it out.

    • This assumes someone is using a dictaphone style recorder not intended for the purposes of spying. There are a tonne of options to record audio that don't have the limitations one of those would, like an IP camera as OP herself suggests.

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    So also, noone has asked yet. Why are you talking shit about your partner?

  • What about Siri? Or Alexa?

  • Could there be spyware/stalkerware on your phone? Is your partner tech savvy? Did he give you the phone, or borrow it at some stage (to get someone else to modify it)? If your conversation with your friend was by phone, spyware may have recorded it. More advanced phone spyware can also covertly record an in-person conversation. I suspect the latter capability might also impact phone battery.
    Google some info about spyware & stalkerware. This is just one of many.

    • Great article, thanks for posting

    • Is your partner tech savvy?

      This is really relevant.

      Performing a covert video/audio surveillance may seem simple when seen on TV, but in reality it definitely requires a reasonable level of technical knowledge.

      First thing to ovecome is the issue of power. A constant camera requires constant power. Most commercial wire-free cameras can barely last a few hours. So a power pack (you know, those little black bricks?) connected to the mains is needed. (And yes, it could be built into the wall, and tapped off the power circuit, but… geez, this is not Chinese spying level stuff.)

      Then there is the matter of retrieval of the recorded data. Some cameras can stream to a cloud based repository. Data will be sucking up from your internet. Quite easy to see. Other cameras store the video locally. And this will require regular visits to the location to swap out the memory card.

      And then… there are the hours required to sit and watch over the recorded video, listening for just a phrase, etc.

      For sometone totally obsessed and with nothing else in their life (no job, no family, etc) this may be possible. But the OP's description of a very mild 'stalking' incident doesn't really match up to this.

      As others have pointed out, other conversations with other people, which may have gotten back to the partner, are probably the most likely explanation.