Tiger Rice Cooker at Costco

Hi Guys,

Anyone seen any tiger rice cooker in Victoria? If so, can you specify the location and the price please? Thank you

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Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale


  • Tiger IH Multi-functional Rice Cooker JKT-S18A $499

  • I’ve seen them at Costco Docklands before. If I get a chance, today, I will have a look for you.

    • Didn’t see any at Costco Docklands today.

      • thanks for checking it

        • No probs. It is a good place to get my exercise steps up. Costco is a tad like that. Some things are often there and some things flit in and out.

  • OP, would suggest you join a local FB Group of Costco Geeks. This type of questions are asked all the time and lots of replies too.

  • We bought one at Costco Moorabbin about 4 weeks ago

    • What was the model, and price, please.

      • Don't have the model number handy, but it was reduced by $30 to $269.99. Is the 10 cup size and called 4 in 1.

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