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Tenda Beli SP3 Smart Wi-Fi Plug $14.98 Delivered @ Shopping Square


Tenda Beli SP3 Smart Wi-Fi Plug

  • Easy and Efficient Smart-Home Management
  • Enhanced Voice Activation
  • Prevent Long-term Operating, Protect Devices
  • Power Saving
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatible

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    Tenda Beli SP3 Smart Wi-Fi Plug $9.98 + $4.99 Shipping @ Shopping Square

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    Available via Ebay Plus? Your previous deal had it available for $9.98 delivered.


    JV will be most upset…


    Hey op, will two fit side-by-side? Or they kind of block the second outlet?


    The default Beli app is very basic but does have an away feature that randomly turns the switch on and off. It doesn't have some of the more detailed features that the Xiaomi or Kogan apps have, but then again you can use them all with google/alexa.

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    This unit scheduled on/off will not work if internet is off. Is that similar behaviour to other brands?

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      Yes and no. 99% of these smart plugs are Tuya-based, which means they need to phone home via their app to initially configure them. Once a schedule has been set up, many of them still retain their schedule if disconnected from the internet. There are some out there that refuse to operate (beyond on and off) without a connection. Obviously, voice control or remote access won't work without being connected.

      The good thing is that Tuya plugs can be flashed to remove their requirement for any internet connection at all, running locally via various home automation solutions. This requires a bit of initial fiddling to get going though.

      There are some plugs that don't need a connection at all. Hue smart plugs for instance, which run through their zigbee hub. They integrate nicely into an existing hue setup without needing additonal apps. They cost a bomb though. The Belkin Wemo switch could run locally after initial setup, not sure if they're sold any more though.


        Thanks for the info. Could you please recommend links teaching how to flash the plug and the app to use after flashing?


          If you google Tuya Convert you will find lots of guides, the github page for t-c being the main one. Start there and explore.
          Most common firmware to flash with is Tasmota, but I used the ESPhome add-in for home assistant as it is more flexible. The flashing process is the same.

          Bear in mind that afterwards you won't be able to use the tuya app (or whatever app your particular device wants to use) to control the device, you are giving up that instant app convenience for control. Solutions to use include Home Assistant, OpenHAB, Hubitat, Homekit, SmartThings. All will require a bit of work to integrate them; that's the price of custom solutions again.


    i got one of these before, the apps is horrible…i then bought the one from kmart, no issue at all.


    I got one of these from the last $9.98 deal. Worked great but the Tenda Beli app kept getting disconnected from my Google Home account every 2 weeks. I'd need to sign in every 2 weeks to resolve the issue. I bought a TP-link plug recently for $19 and it has worked flawlessly.