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Coopers Pale Ale Limited Edition Cans 24 × 440ml $50/$51 + Delivery ($0 C&C /In-Store) @ First Choice Liquor


Best beer in Australia in big cans! Buy them up and resell them when none are left! Everyone loves Coopers not just people from Australia!

Remember to roll them!

Price $51 $51 $51 $50 $50 $50 $50

Don't forget cashback.

EDIT: Buy two cartons and save $10, today only. Brings it down to $46/$45 per carton. (Expired)

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    Unavailable in half of Australia ia

  • +1

    Buy them up and resell them when none are left!

    Huh, who resells alcohol?

    • Get on the hypetrain! I'm just paying out all the Facebook groups trading rare beers

      • "I'm just paying out all the Facebook groups trading rare beers"

        That's a real thing?

        • Of course, it's like most hobbies. There are always niche groups who spend a lot of time and money collecting and trading to get rare items.

          Individual beers can go for hundreds on the grey market.

  • +2

    Big call for best beer in Australia??

    • +20

      Maybe best bang for buck actual Australian owned beer?

      • +1

        Maybe only bang for buck actual Australian owned beer

        • +1

          Best famous beer produced in Adelaide.

      • +18

        maybe if sparkling ale didn't exist…

        • +1

          *Hawkers Rover

        • +1

          Exactly, Coopers sparkling ale is the best beer in the world.

        • +2

          I don't mind the dark ale, either.

        • although i found sparkling ale is abit misleading as i don't find it they are more sparkling than the others, i still agreed sparkling ale is the best coopers

        • +1

          if Sparking Ale is 100, I only give Pale Ale 60

        • 100% agree. I only wish it wasn't 200 calories a stubby though :-(

    • Had one the other day. It tastes pretty similar to emu export. I don't think I'd buy a coopers again any time soon.

      • +1

        You've gotta be kidding me!
        Your tastebuds need a tune-up..

  • +27

    You had me at big cans…

  • Only $50 here for me in melbourne

    • Not showing for me. Which store in Melb?

    • 3931

  • $5 off each carton when you buy two. Today only. (See updated deal.)

    • +1

      Don't forget cashback too.

  • -2

    Wouldn't it be better to stick to glass bottles?

    Also, cans have BPA. Might be wrong.

    • Not sure why you're getting downvoted for an honest question so have my + to offset. To answer your question, cans have come a long way since the tinny taste you used to get. Give it a whirl. I prefer glass because they tend to stay colder but cans are easy to store/stack and taste just as good.

      • Also, good luck getting a decent craft beer that isn't in a can.

        • +3

          with good reason - cans keep beer way fresher than bottles, which is particularly important for craft beer

    • I couldn't find evidence of beer cans in Australia having BPA or not. It seems the safety concerns around low level BPA exposure is not strongly backed by evidence - https://www.foodstandards.gov.au/consumer/chemicals/bpa/Page...

      I like my beer in cans and since aluminium cans are mostly recycled maybe it's good for the environment, I know this deal is good for my pocket :)

    • Cans are actually a better packaging medium than bottles. They have less oxygen in them and are less permeable, so the beer stays fresh and unoxidised for longer. They're immune to UV skunking which bottles suffer from. They're also better for the environment due to ease of recycling, easier to ship and pack in your fridge.

      They're becoming the new normal in beer due to these factors and likely more that I can't think of off the top of the dome.

      (Many studies have been done on 'flavour' being given off by cans but modern cans don't have this issue.)

  • -1


  • +1

    Is this a good beer? Reviews online aren't that great.

    • +3

      Eh, depends what you're used to. Nothing to write home about if you're a crafty fan, but it's a damn sight better than XXXX or Tooheys.

    • Used to love it but don't rate it any more at all, over-carbonated and lacking in flavour. YMMV

      • In the cans or stubbies? I find the cans to be more carbonated than the bottles.

        • For some reason I can't stand the taste of Coopers' canned product

          • @FTTNope: Yeah it's definitely different. I don't think I've tried anything other than the green and blue in the cans, so not sure how the red would go - always feels a bit odd, a heavy beer out of a can

    • +1

      For a beer that isn't far off the price of mainstream lagers, yes, it is a good beer. That said, it's a little more 'beery' now than it used to be I think, less 'aley'.

      • I doesn't taste anything like an ale at all anymore, it's now just tastes like a generic drapht.

        • +2

          Draught technically isn't a beer style. Assuming you mean generic lager?

          • @djrxr6: True. It hasn't gone under the lagering process, but yeah, it's a lager taste.

        • Still definitely an ale, but I know what you mean - you would say that it's closer to a lager than to something like Stone and Wood. But it's less malty than a mainstream lager, potentially closer to a craft-ish lager.

          • @pdtmathieson: I honestly couldn't tell the difference between coopers or an EB. It was pretty bitter with very little hoppiness.

            • -1

              @DisabledUser222687: I think VB has more hops but I reckon it's a great beer. Its certainly no hop-bomb like so many so called craft beers (PS brewers more hops doesn't equal more crafty) but a great all-rounder with minimal headache factor!

            • @DisabledUser222687: Could be that the ones you've had recently were getting a bit old. The hop flavour in beers drops off very quick.

              • @Schmiddler: I got it from first choice. It's best after date was like dec 2019. I brew my own beer (I'm not great at it) and honestly, my dry hopped ipa had loads less bitterness and loads more hoppiness after 3 months in the bottle.

  • Unavailable around 4116.

    • +1

      I just ordered with C&C from Browns Plains store.

      • I can order 2 cartons now - last night must have been a server load issue?!?

  • $50 at my local Fassina too

  • +5

    Coopers Pale and Australia’s best beer in the same sentence, did I just go back to 2010?!

    • +2

      Yes, maybe further before great craft beer was easily available.

  • -1

    Hmm my local SA independent had 2 crates of these about a month ago for $45. I think they're sold out, but $51 isn't that amazing.

    That said, the big cans are certainly awesome. Probably still worth it.

    • Lol.

      my local independent
      a month ago
      sold out

      Show us cheaper, that's available and we'll listen.

  • -1

    This beer doesn't have a best before but a best after. So issues there.

    • Why ?

      • +1

        Was meant to write 'So no issues there'

    • +3

      Explain secondary fermentation to the class

    • +1

      Coopers beer is bottle (and can) carbonated, using the yeast to carbonise the beer instead of using a drought system. It takes a couple of weeks for the yeast to do its job, hence a 'best after' date.

    • +4

      Over the five years I ran a bottleshop, I had about five customers want to return boxes of Green because it was past what they assumed, ignoring their ability to read, was a best before date. Worst part was that one said they had previously had the same issue at Liquorland, and the person there accepted it!

  • Is no one going to mention the excellent summary of availability? Doing the Lord's work my friend!

    Do you need to roll the cans? I thought they were brewed differently to survive in the can (bottles are bottle fermented), and so they don't get the sediment build up. I might be wrong though.

    • Sediment builds up in the bottom of the can, supposedly slightly different design. Don't need to roll unless you prefer mixing in the sediment that way

    • Despite what Coopers Marketing says, their head Brewer says don't roll..Instead Enjoy the changes in flavour as you drink.

      • I guess it depends on what you like - depending on how long it takes me drink the beer, the heavy taste of the sedimented bottom can be a bit much if it's started to go warm too. If I have a beer while cooking dinner and organising kids, I can end up forgetting it and having some pretty average mouthfuls at the end of the beer.

        • Yeah I think you've summed it up perfectly. Rolling was the realm of beer tossers at one point not realising you'd rarely see a homebrewer mixing their sediment through their beer!

          That said if you like the sediment roll or save it till the end, if you don't pour it into a glass leaving the sediment beyond. If you don't care (like me) just swig it down!

        • +1

          the heavy taste of the sedimented bottom can be a bit much if it's started to go warm too

          Just gotta drink faster :)

  • +1

    No stock anywhere near Perth :( One of my go-to beers usually.

  • +4

    Can be stacked with today's promotional code '2KBONUS' for 2000 flybuys points.

  • I've "fallen out of love" with Coopers since their incursion into same sex marriage "debate", which also exposed them as rabid conservative supporters. Happy to put my money elsewhere.

    • I thought they shut up about that pretty quickly didn't they?

    • +1

      The Cooper family have long since been strong supporters of and donors to the Liberal Party, so this probably shouldn't be too surprising. I was very disappointed too.

    • -3

      Yes, god forbid a single family run business forms a differing opinion to a bunch of alt left activists threatening to boycott any business that dares to stick up for normal family morals and values.

      Meanwhile normal people are lectured on a daily basis about how bad they are, just because they want to live normal productive lives without being forced into weird and obscure lifestyles.

      too bad for your boycott, because these ice cold 440ML Coopers pale ales are going down a treat.

      • “…normal family morals and values”
        “Meanwhile normal people…”
        “…normal productive lives”
        “…weird and obscure lifestyles”

        Sounds like you are a normal person?

      • +1

        I take your point. Conservatives aren't permitted to follow anything other than your particular view of what constitutes normal morals and values. And, as we know there are no "abnormal" people on "the right". Except maybe Alan Jones, Tim Wilson, …….. It's telling that those values your mention seem only to deal with a single aspect of human relationships and ignore the enormous array of problems in your "normal" families. Must give you nightmares to know that LGBTQI people are living perfectly normal lives and providing services to society across the full spectrum of professions and employment, all the while behaving with honesty and integrity - something some conservative hypocrites, especially conservative politicians, could learn from.

        Out of interest - who is lecturing these "normal people" and telling them that they're "bad"? Religious fanatics perhaps? Can't recall anyone other than narrow-minded right wingers and Catholic priests telling me I was a sinner and how to live my life. Is Barnaby Joyce one of the "normal people" that we should aspire to be like? How about good old George Christensen? Personally I put honesty and integrity far above sexuality when I look at any individual.

    • +1

      Yeah that was gross but I was satisfied by their ultimate response. They walked it back entirely and pledged a bunch of money towards LGBT events. I am prepared to forgive them and let progress be made.

  • Great deal just wish I did yesterday and save the extra $10

  • Doesn't look like any stock left in Vic?

    • Shows up online only for QLD now. I've updated the deal to reflect this.

      • And now disappeared for QLD, too.

  • +1

    First choice Hindmarsh (SA) had a trolley with about 10 cartons next to the counter when I collected mine at midday.

    Maybe give your local store a call if you've missed out.

  • Still available in Belconnen ACT. $51 a case.