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½ Price Sistema Stainless Steel Dual Walled Bottle 1L $15, 500ml $10 @ Woolworths


Sistema Stainless Steel Bottle Double Walled 500ml

The Sistema® 500ml Stainless Steel bottle has been designed with double walled vacuum insulation to encapsulate your beverage temperature for longer. It keeps the liquid hot for 6 hours and cool for 12 hours.
Not for use in freezer or microwave. Always use caution when handling hot liquids.

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    Have had one of these for about a month. Wide mouth so you can get ice cubes into it without having to break them up (i.e. thermos 750ml), though this does make it easy to spill water if you aren't careful/have a small mouth. Keeps water from one of those instant cold water taps cold for hours and as long as the lid is screwed on properly i've had zero leaks. Also zero condensation on the outside of the bottle which is nice.

    Note when cleaning that the lid should not be submerged and the seal is to be removed and cleaned separately. You need to be careful to put the seal back on the lid properly or it will leak. Also like all double wall or stainless bottles - not dishwasher or freezer safe. All of this is pretty obvious though and it has been a good bottle.


      100% every time, the ice will get caught on the lip and I'll wear some water

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      Also of note these and any double wall bottles pair well with the $1.50 1L glass clip top bottles from kmart. Double wall insulation works both ways so you can't fill these double wall bottles with tap water and cool it in the fridge (unless you want to wait days). Get a few of the cheap Kmart glass ones to chill your tap water in the fridge, then transfer to the nice bottles when you're on the go. That's what I do at home, at work I'm fortunate enough to have an instant hot/cold tap so I just use that directly.

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        Lol there's something called ice.

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          lol there's something called people may not want ice or ice cold water.
          or lol there's something called filling ice cube trays and then removing the cubes and adding them to the bottle is a lot more effort.
          also lol there's something called post a constructive comment. you're just a shittier jv.

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            @Wilburre: Lol can't take an opinion other than your own I see. Petty downvote is petty.

            It has a capacity of a litre. You will actually need to fill it up with a LOT of ice to turn the water ice cold. If you put maybe like 8 ice cubes then it will cool the water down only a little bit.

            Maybe don't post your opinion online if you can't handle other people's responses to it.

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    I bought 2 at the last sale and gotta say these are the best thermos bottles I've had.

    My main requirement was 1L capacity, most are 500-750ml. It does keep icey water icey for 12-18 hours. Even when I'm working outside in the baking sun. Great quality.


    Is the lid also stainless steel? If not that would be the weakest link.


    i bought one of these recently and have to say im impressed. should last way longer than the plastic ones I normally pay $10 for also!!


    i got two of the 500ml ones few ago.

    pretty much don't leave home without it now.
    bought another 3 today just so there's one in the fridge ready to go

    takes a while to chill but lasts really well

    the 1L ones are huge fat things

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    How does it compare with Thermos or Stanley flasks?


    I bought one the last time it was on sale. I like the bottle but have had to learn a new drinking technique as it's quite easy to have it spill with the large bottle mouth. It also squeaks when you screw the lid back on so can be as annoying in meetings. But, it gets me through the day so am keeping it


      I'd like to call to order the 541st committee meeting for the abolition of squeaky things. On this week's agenda is proposed legislation to impose penalties for engaging a squeaky drink bottle lid during the course of VERY serious meetings.


    Good price, all I really need is something that can hold ice for at least a day.


    Hopefully it isn't all sold out and I'll get one today.