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Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus Buy 3 Get 1 Free @ Bridgestone


Periodic deal from Bridgestone for these well-rated tyres.

For reference, a discussion thread from whirlpool.

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    This offer will go until 31 March 2020.


    Just bought 4 of these last week 😐

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    Bought a set a couple of days ago for my Aurion. Very nice tyres - quiet, very grippy and handle well for what they are. Much more confidence in the wet when the storm hit yesterday.

    Can hit the gogo pedal a lot harder from a standing start without wheelspin, which is a nice bonus. Tread is very deep, so you can see why they offer the 50000km guarantee (with alignment).

    Bridgestone pumped them up to 41psi which wasn't ideal IMO (they said to keep them at 38 at a minimum, so I've lowered to that).

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    Serenity now.


    so how much are they normally, and how much are they now?


    I got these about 40K ago and they have 6-7 mm left on them. Very hard wearing, not chipping. The driving is pretty bumpy and rattly though, not much comfort in the car on 32-36 psi. They also have slightly less grip than the original Yokohamas and I felt less feedback and less connected to the road in the first few months. I would buy them if I was trying to save money, but not if I wanted comfortable drive.

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    What do I do with the extra one?


    Does anyone know if these are Japanese made tyres?