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1/2 Price Magnum Dairy Free Sticks 270ml 3pk $3.50 @ Woolworths


They are Dairy Free and they are so delicious

Dairy Free

Dairy Free with Almond

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    Awesome! These are by far the best dairy-free icecreams in my opinion and almost never go on sale compared to the originals!

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      Most definitely, absolutely love these!

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      I really liked these as well, I've also found the peters lactose free ice cream tubs to be really good too.

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      Dairy-free chocolate much better than I expected, more smooth and chocolatey than most normal chocolate.

      Turns out the actual cocoa (cocoa powser, cocoa mass, cocoa butter) are what makes chocolate so delicious, not the dairy. milk chocolate"

      I never liked dark chocolate, they load it up with sugar and make the sweet clash with the bitter. But once I tried Lindt 90%, I realised what real chocolate is, and that most "chocolate" is a little bit of real chocolate watered down with heaps of sugar and milk powder.

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        Yes, dairy free chocolate is real chocolate. The cocoa bean is the source of cocoa butter and cocoa itself, dark chocolate is just a processed result of this with perhaps a bit of sugar or even none at all. Adding dairy to it was a recent innovation relatively speaking, and one which I've also come to dislike. Now I also love 90%+ dark mixtures, even cacao nibs.


    Holding out for a lactose/gluten free and vegan version

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      Item Description:
      … Being a plant based ice confection, the new Magnum Dairy Free is suitable for Vegans and certified by Vegan Action..

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    Such a stinge being a 3 pack!!

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      We need a royal commission into this, and fancy Tim Tams having 9 instead of the usual 11 in the pack.

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    Ooooh… +1 from me.

    TBH, I'd assumed they were a limited run, as I haven't seen them in-store in quite a while.

    These are actually quite good. For those who can't/won't eat dairy for whatever reason, of the different products that I've tried, these are by far the best.

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    These are great. They were this price about a month ago at Coles and Woolworths (I know because I just used my rain check for 6 boxes before they expired).

    One of the few vegan foods out there which I honestly think could fool anyone into thinking they are dairy.

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    Had these, delicious!


    only 3 …normally 4 in a box


    Very intriguing

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    The actual ice cream is far better than the drumstick equivalent. Good deal.

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    This is the ozbargain curse. Last time these were on sale I was peckish for some dessert before a movie.
    Went into iga. One = $3.80. But wait. A box of 3 = $3.50!

    And so there i sat in the street eating three vegan magnums.

    Worth it.

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    As a lac-tard, I appreciate you posting this deal.


      My kid has severe dairy allergies. When I see good dairy free deal, I will post again.

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    Allergic to cow's milk and intolerant to soy so these are amazing.


      Indeed. I am hoping the supermarkets notice how popular it is and will make this and other dairy free/vegan products half price more often.


    Got the almond one today, but won't be getting it again. It's not exactly bad but definitely not as good as the normal ones.

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