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Large Traditional Pizzas $5ea (Pick up) @ Domino's Pizza via Domino's Offers App


Saw this deal on the offers app. Looks like Domino's are really trying to fatten us this week!

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  • I've had pizza twice this week already. (profanity).

  • Strange… it stated "The voucher 252908 has expired."

    • Tried again and I got this… "The voucher 252908 is not accepted by your selected store."
      Looks like it's not across all stores.

      • Try installing the app, set your store, and browse the deals - worked for me that way! but not entering the voucher directly…

  • The voucher 252908 is not accepted by your selected store. :(

    EDIT: I installed the "Domino's Offers" app from Play Store, the deal is there, and I have placed order for 5pm!

  • Give us a break. Had Dominos twice this week already. Don't make it 3 times but can't resist $5 traditional pizzas!

  • Doesn't work at the selected store :(

    Whoops will try the app

  • Not accepted by your selected store.

  • Op, you should add "app only" to the title.

  • I actually stoped buying these deals, they always reduce toppings and usually serve sub standard pizza during the promos it feels….

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      Sounds like you order from a shit store, I work at dominos and no pizzas get changed depending on the cost of it. Infact you can't even see the cost of the pizza on the makeline

      • I have to agree with @Calmerancer, I have personally found the quality and size of pizzas getting worse. The $5 pizzas have been around for 10+ years despite the cost of wages, rent and ingredients increasing. So the obvious solution is to cut back on the pizzas.

    • Shit store, mine never does this.

  • Cardboard for lunch? Hmm tempting…

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      No no no, you're doing it wrong…you eat the inside bit and dispose of the outside bit.

  • Not accepted at selected store. Through the app
    Edit: okay works when you go through the Offers app which is a standalone app not the standard dominos one

    • Correct, works through the Offers app which you need to select first. Won't work if you go through the regular app to start with. Op needs to provide a little more instruction in the OP.

  • Yep works with the other App "domino's offer". thanks,

  • Yep, it works in the App "domino's offer. But not by the coupon.

  • Offer is available in the offer app but then stuck on the circular loading icon at the order screen?
    Edit: looks like you need the actual dominos app installed as well since it switches to that for the order.

  • Just bought this at lunch and ate the whole thing, now I'm falling asleep at work lol

  • Worked for me through normal app, local is Bulleen.

  • Meatlovers for $5 YESSSSSSSSS

  • Domino's let you change two toppings at no cost. My default is a modified Supreme that's more like a Meatlovers in the end.

    A Supreme pizza starts life with: Crispy rasher bacon, pepperoni & Italian sausage, topped with fresh mushrooms, capsicum, crumbled beef & juicy pineapple, finished with vibrant spring onions & oregano, all on a pizza sauce (tomato) base.

    Change the base from pizza sauce to BBQ sauce, replace the pineapple with red onion and the beef with pork and fennel sausage and you're good to go. I also remove the spring onions and add two serves of chili flakes (free topping).

    Interested to see what other people come up with.

    • replace the pineapple

      Sorry but no.
      Also, as a general aside - parmesan cheese is available at some locations still for free.
      So what I changed with supreme tonight was to deep pan, change to BBQ sauce from pizza sauce and add parmesan cheese. If I wanted a largely different pizza I would've ordered something else lol.

      • It's not about it getting a largely different pizza than the original, it's about getting better value. A Meatlovers has five meats (pepperoni, bacon, Italian sausage, beef and ham) and nothing else. This modified Supreme has four meats (pepperoni, bacon, Italian sausage and pork and fennel sausage) plus mushrooms, capsicum, spring onion and red onion.

        • replace beef with pork and fennel sausage

          The unmodified Supreme still has four meats and pineapple instead of red onion.
          I'm not sure I'm entirely getting your point?

          • @pennypincher98: That's true. As with all things, it comes down to personal preference I guess. I prefer the pork and fennel sausage over the beef and I am not a big fan of pineapple on pizza.

            I was comparing the modified Supreme to the BBQ Meatlovers, not the original Supreme. Same base, most of the meats, extra toppings.

            I also mentioned in my first comment that this was just my preference; not in any way insinuating it is the global optimum.

            The main call out was to say that two topping changes per pizza are allowed free of charge in case people weren't aware. It is an entirely different discussion to judge the various combinations that can be created as a result, and not something that is likely to reach group consensus.