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I guess I expected it early because coastbargain got his very very quickly.
21/07/2018 - 13:14
He knows they cost a dollar also? Hmmm.
20/07/2018 - 10:37
Over two months and not received? haha, no chance.
20/07/2018 - 07:36
I have mine, two days after the ebay indicated last delivery day.
20/07/2018 - 07:35
How does he know what is inside the package?
20/07/2018 - 07:34
[@dangerdanger](/comment/6142437/redir): And what's even better is it's not the sh-thole jam packed rat race that is Sh-tney.
18/07/2018 - 09:23
Great balls of fire, got mine today!
17/07/2018 - 19:25
No problem, gave them one of those.
17/07/2018 - 14:29
If I did that would put me one ahead of you on the quality comment scoreboard wouldn't it.
17/07/2018 - 02:16
Or I could just post lots of cheap Chinese watch deals. Oh wait...
17/07/2018 - 02:15
Definitely looks beasty.
12/07/2018 - 21:05
Damn! Was just about to purchase and it went to Out Of Stock. Grrrrr. I snoozed, I lost.
12/07/2018 - 11:56
Exactly jas0nt. Just a bunch of faceless gutless neggers. No one has an issue with the cancellation, but the company owes people a reason...
10/07/2018 - 20:23
You solicited votes. Wrong. You know the rules as a poster. You simply had your comments removed. No penalty box. But you wanted to argue...
10/07/2018 - 17:07
Just completed my three transactions, now to wait for $$$$.
10/07/2018 - 15:24
Yep not sent for me either. Should be here soon, but possibly won't be unless he's just not marking them as sent.
09/07/2018 - 14:08