How does Economy Reward work?

I've never booked tickets using reward points before so probably I'm doing something here but just wanted to understand why a ticket that shows as economy reward with 65k points is disabled for selection as soon as I login although I have more than 65k points available?


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    Looks like the internet is trying to tell you not to go to Mumbai because of Coronavirus.

    Take it as a sign!

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    economy reward with 65k points is disabled

    Words from the great wise one - The reward seats have sold out!! Ask the universe to create a cancellation!

    Thats Magic how do you know?

    Answer - Your Screenshot says "sold out"


      Well, if I'm not logged in, it shows available for selection, but gets disabled on login. I called them and was able to secure 2 seats, however as soon as they mentioned it was 65k/per person, It wasn't a good deal anymore for me personally so didn't go ahead.

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        Ah yes, in that case I have no idea why

        However, following the magic theme, if you dont fully explain, the magic can't work. 😀

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