Cashback Changes at Amazon, Cashrewards + Shopback Confirmed (Updated)

Was on Cashrewards activating a cashback before shopping and saw the following announcement:

Important Notice:
Effective 01/03/20, Amazon Australia is making important changes to its program across all cashback partners. Cashback will be eligible only on the following categories, and at the rates advertised on Cashrewards:

  • Amazon Devices
  • Apparel
  • Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Jewellery
  • Luggage
  • Mobile Phones & Accessories
  • Office & Stationery
  • Shoes, Handbags & Accessories
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Watches

All other categories, including Electronics, Toys, Books, DVD, Blu-Ray, Groceries etc will be ineligible for cashback (0%). We apologise for any inconvenience & thank you for the ongoing support.

Checked ShopBack and could not find any news, I assume they will have same restrictions but are not choosing to tell anyone until the changes happen.

(March Update: both Cashrewards and Shopback have announced changes on their respective websites)

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  • +7 votes

    Considering the loss involved with shipping, it's no surprise they're cutting down on cashback to maximise profits. Especially considering the majority of cashback is being referred from the Amazon deals posted here.

    But hey, kudos to Cashrewards for being transparent. Even more so days early so we can quickly take advantage of the deals before it ends.

  • +12 votes

    Damn, there goes all the categories I used


    No PC Components, that's a shame


    Mostly the high margin product categories, remain eligible for cashback.


    Will the pending Amazon cashback (for the now excluded categories) still be accepted?

  • +1 vote

    That's a bit disappointing. I buy a fair bit of Lego off amazon just because there is a decent cashback on them


    Where's the info/announcement? I can't see anything under

  • +6 votes

    Bugger. there goes almost all of my most frequently purchased categories.

  • -1 vote

    I'm happy that the price is actually going to be the lowest it is, not inflated by 1% so I can get 1% cashback maybe.

    • +2 votes

      You wish. They are not passing on that 1%.

      It makes no sense to cut 1% cashback and then cut the price by 1%. Plenty of people were not using cashback sites and given them the free 1%. It would make more sense to keep the cashbacks if that's the case.

  • +1 vote

    Shopback have updated their news - same story

  • +4 votes

    Any chance of discounted Amazon Giftcards then?

    Looks like its back to Colesworth for groceries, at we cam get 5% off for giftcards.


    I find it hard to tell what category an item is actually in. Any tips?


    Pulled the trigger for a new mouse.
    The Ozbargainer within said why not spoil myself early and get a smidgin of additional cashback.


    Updates from Shopback.

    Announcement regarding Amazon cashback
    Hi everyone, we just wanted to make an important announcement as there will be changes to Amazon cashback, effective from 1st March 2020 (tomorrow).

    Cashback rates will change, but another thing to note is that many categories you can currently earn cashback on, won't be eligible for cashback.

    These are the categories you'll only be able to earn cashback on from 1st March 2020:
    Amazon Devices, Jewellery, Apparel, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories
    Home, Lawn & Garden
    Luxury Beauty
    Mobile Electronics, Cell Phones & Accessories
    Office Products

    So make use of the cashback on other item categories such as electronics, groceries, health & personal care etc, today's the last day to do so!

    We'll also be throwing in a $2 bonus when you spend $5 or more in a single transaction at Amazon today (ends 11.59pm AEDT tonight, bonus credited by 30th April).

  • +1 vote

    Damn. Apart from eBay, where else can you preorder video games with cashback? Very limited options now and I wouldn't trust eBay to get games delivered on launch day and doubt would be cheaper anyway especially if the $5 promo credit continues to be extended/reintroduced

    I made sure I preordered everything I could that would be shipped within 60 days yesterday to take advantage.

    Such a shame going forward

    • +1 vote

      ebay's rate is so negligible that I don't even bother using it. Not worth the effort of needing to keep track of it when it inevitably doesn't track.


    Less cashbacks for me to keep track of and chase up later I guess. This stuff rarely tracked in my experience.

    I was hoping they would go out with one big bang with a 12% cashback sale as the last hurrah.

  • +3 votes

    Ah no, this stinks. I guess it was great as it lasted. It will hardly cover any of the purchases I do from Amazon now.

    Merged from Amazon Cashback - Now 0% in a lot of categories in Cashrewards and Shopback

    Does anyone notice that a lot of categories are now not eligible for cashback in Cashrewards and Shopback? I think we are heading to US cashback rate for Amazon, which is close to 0% in a lot of categories

    EFFECTIVE 01/03/20: Categories not listed in the cashback rates table will be ineligible for cashback. This includes (but not limited to) Groceries, Auto, Baby, Books, Camera, DVD & Blu-Ray, Electronics, Gaming, Health & Personal Care, Home Ent & Improvement, Kitchen, Music & Instruments, PC, Personal Care Appliances, Pet Products, Smartwatches, Tools, Toys, Vouchers, Gift Cards, Charity, Non-Profit items, Kindle Unlimited, Audible, Mobile Apps, Subscribe & Save purchases, Amazon Prime memberships.

    Cashback not applicable to Video Games, Toys, PC, Electronics, Health & Personal Care, Home Improvement, Baby, Grocery, Pets, Tools, Personal Care Appliances, Kitchen, Camera, Books, Home Entertainment, Automotive, DVD & Blu-Ray, Music & Instruments
    - Subscribe & Save purchases, Prime membership subscription purchases, Gift Cards, Kindle Unlimited, Mobile Apps, Audible, Echo Accessories, Kindle Accessories & Travel electronics are also not applicable for Cashback


    Nice knowing you CashRewards. Not worth the hassle now.


    Is there an easy way of determining what category a product is in?
    It looks like similar products can be in different categories, and the department doesn't always indicate the category.

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