Extra 5% off for NordLocker Encryption Software 1 Year Plan ($0.95 USD a month)


Get 1 year of unlimited file encryption for only $0.95/month (37% off)!
Encrypt files with no limits;
Share files of any size truly confidentially;
Get 24/7 priority support;
30-day money-back guarantee.

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      Zipping with an encryption and unzipping each time you want to use the file is a bit cumbersome though - nordlocker allows you to treat your encrypted files just like a folder and has file sharing options.

      The biggest elephant in the room is that nord has a free version up to 2gb, which is pretty generous. There are also plenty of free alternatives around - Cryptomator, Boxcryptor free, and Veracrypt to name a few. $1/month probably wouldn't be a bad offering if there weren't $0/month alternatives.


    Cryptomator is free with apps for major platforms

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      This looks promising thanks! But also, maybe make a donation if it is working out for you! Free is not sustainable


    So Nord is cheap for VPN and encryption software and the bonus is that we can't be sure it's a US government scam. I feel safer already.

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      Has there been any indication of it being a US government scam?

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        I don't know about US Government. But the data breaches and non reliability and cheapness of the service makes me question them.



        So what do we do with a problem like NordVPN? It’s a fantastic service that keeps getting better. The price is on the high side, but you get a lot more for that money than with other services. Still, we can’t bring ourselves to trust it as much as we do Mullvad or OVPN given the secrecy behind it. Once this situation changes we will re-evaluate.

        Nobody knows who owns it.