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[Refurb] Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Noise Canceling $237.15, Sony WH-1000XM3 (Silver/Black) $271.15 @ Sony eBay


As mentioned by Dealbot the Sony WH-1000XMB's are on sale, alongside with the popular WF-1000XM3 TWS noise cancelling earbuds.

Please note that these are in refurbished condition (by manufacturer). The WF-1000XM3's are normally sold for $280~310-ish in brand new.

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    As the products being sold may be manufacturer refurbished or factory seconds, minor cosmetic variations may occur. These cosmetic variations have been checked by our Sony Authorised repair agent and do no impact the function of the product. We cannot accept refunds for items based on appearance.

    The term "minor cosmetic variations" is subjective and this paragraph seems to suggest that if they send a pair of headphones with a big scratch down the side or some other "cosmetic variation", the purchaser will have no recourse. I doubt that Sony would actually do that, but the possibility seems to be there and I think people should be aware of that.

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      For what it's worth I've bought these exact cans and the only way I knew they weren't brand new was the sticky tape sealing the box up. Everything inside the box flawless - YMMV

  • Yeah that's the point of refurbished … They are saying the internals work perfectly, but they have been repaired. Not sure the confusion here ?

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        The thing is almost everything "refurbished" people bought from Sony ebay store turn out to be brand new with factory sealed and pristine box

        I have purchased 10 times refurb from Sony. Never got a sealed item. 3 like new condition, 3 sent back because it didn't even worked, the rest good working condition.

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          2nd hand earbuds pandemic

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          I stand corrected. I based my assumption on the fact that I have bought 2 headphones from them (XM2) and it seems brand new to me. It could be anecdotal from my side tho.

          • @Squirtle: a good refurb is indistinguishable in appearance from brand new.

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      There's no confusion. I'm just pointing out that Sony says they will not refund purchases based on appearance, so if you aren't happy in that regard with the product you receive, you're out of luck (according to them - I'm not sure what consumer laws say about this).

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        Ebay Plus has hassle free returns right?

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      How are you getting $287? 10% code gives me $349.20

      • your trying on the over-ear its for the in-ear

  • For bluetooth headphone like Sony WH-1000XM3, does it have lag when you're watching vidoes?
    I have bluetooth galaxy buds and when I watch videos on my S9, I noticed lag (lip not synced).
    is this a limitation of bluetooth based headphone/earphones?

    Also, if my PC does not have bluetooth, what should I buy to make it work and fully compatible with the codecs supported etc to maximise the audio quality?


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        No lag for me on Android.

        • Same, pretty much watch netflix everyday on the train with the XM2s and no lag.

    • Check Bluetooth section https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/sony/wh-1000xm3-wi...
      Surely you will have lag of around 200ms+, which will have lip sync issues (different story if the user is not able to notice it)

      • For me I get 155 ms delayto my PC via SBC codec, dunno how I can get aptxhd/ll on my PC though any clues?

        Noticeable in games at first, but you get used to it quick. Easy fix is a offset for audio when watching movies aswell

        • It's a broad topic because every device ignores or has their own issues with the latency and detection and codecs become a real hassle due to licensing.

          For PC,

          You would need to use a BT transmitter (up to $40/$250) or have a 2017+ qualcomm BT chipset in your phone/tablet/PC to get AptX HD or AptX LL which is harder to find.

          Some USB external DAC sound cards can output AptX LL and HD / LDAC. But, it's the exception.

          Windows 10 has software AptX (Intel and Dell have drivers), I believe, but it's hard to know unless you have a BT app like iBT Audio Monitor.

          Same with Android which requires developer access to enable. And also, same deal with Dolby Atmos for headphones, it requires licensed drivers, so it's nearly always a crapshoot.

          HeSuVi is generally preferable in any case, because it can EQ and HRTF audio.

          Regardless of Qualcomm AptX , Dolby, Samsung and Sony also have oddball exclusive codecs that make it harder to find a good balance of compatible HD or LL DACs to transmit and receive.

          It's not a software or firmware update, but a BT protocol that qualcomm makes $$ on. Handily, you can look up which devices can send LL or HD, and receive LL/HD but it's an old list.

  • I think they'd better use "repackaged" instead of the jargon "refurbished". Coz that's what they really do.

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    Does anyone else who owns the WFs have issues with connectivity? I get constant drop outs and full disconnections, the disconnections are very annoying and occur every 30m-1h of time. This never happened on my cheapo Jaybird X2s. For $300 earphones this really shouldn't be happening.

    • Yes I had the same issue with the drop out for a split second every 20 minutes. Have to returned for a replacement. I'm still waiting to test the new one.

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      This is what's kinda scaring me off true wireless headphones - I've tried some different (cheaper) pairs and always had issues.

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      this doesn't happen to me.

      The sound might cut off for a second or two once in a while, but disconnects, no.

  • Thanks OP. Have been thinking of upgrading from my Air Pods Series 1 before they get too old. Hopefully I get lucky with my refurb Sonys. Fingers crossed.

    • Just got my WF-1000XM3's delivered. Apart from there being some JB HI-FI tape on the box, everything else looks to be in brand new condition. Can't fault it. Great sounding headphones too. Bulkier than the AirPods though, so might take a bit of getting used to.

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    Would have purchased, seeing the mixed comments about the condition i guess I will hold off.

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    Been borrowing a mates Sony M3s because I left my Bose in his car.

    I will say the sound is better on the Sony headphones but they are really uncomfortable compared to my Bose 35s. My ears heat up pretty quick in them.

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    Returned mine to CostCo after my mic would never work during phone calls.

  • How do you return it if it's faulty?

    • Start a return process on eBay

      • Just received mine, looks new but one side is muted compare to the other side. Don't know how to return it…shipping etc?

  • Just got these and can't tell at all they are refurbished or anything, look brand new to me

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      that reminds me of this

  • got mine the other day looks new and works fine long hours on battery, only thing that looked not new was the box, since they just used a unpadded parcel bag to send it.

  • Thanks @Scrimshaw. Spent the last week trying to decide on some new headphones. Price made it a no-brainer.