Sapphire Princess - Fremantle Return - 10 Nights Coral Coast Cruise (May 25 to Jun 04, 2020) - from $691pp @ Cruise Sale Finder


From $70 per night per person

Receive up to $100 onboard credit per cabin. May not apply to all cabin categories.
Upgrade to the Best Value Fare and receive Premier Beverage Package (First 2 Passengers) and WiFi package. May not apply to all categories. T&C's Apply.

Sailing Dates

Depart: Mon, May 25, 2020 @ 16:00
Arrive: Thu, Jun 4, 2020 @ 07:00

Ports of Call

Fremantle (Perth) | Exmouth | Broome | Kimberley Coast | Geraldton | Fremantle (Perth)

Package Includes
  • Accommodation with private ensuite
  • Full breakfast
  • Buffet or a la carte lunch menu
  • Buffet or 4 course a la carte dinners
  • Musical stage shows and entertainment
  • Special guest entertainers
  • Fully supervised children's programs for ages 3 to 17 years
  • Flat screen TV for in-cabin entertainment
  • Latest release movies (in cabin and on big screen)
  • In cabin safe

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    I read this and thought that "Fremantle" was a thing "the return of Fremantle!". Another you-were-not-born-here moment

  • -1 vote

    Great deal as it includes drinks. There will probably be lots of vacant cabins. Might be able to get a cheap upgrade to a balcony cabin.


      1) Only includes basic drinks (e.g. tea, coffee, water at the buffet) as with all cruises. Need to buy the higher cost package to get other drinks including alcohol added.
      2) Definitely won't be vacant cabins. These are selling well, and will likely be a full ship.


    Best Value Details

    +$394 extra per person

    • You get up to $50 of onboard credit per person + more flexible cancellation terms.
    • Up to $50 onboard credit per person
    • Premium Beverage Package for the first 2 guests over 18 yrs in the stateroom valued at $87pp per day
    • Wi-Fi for the first 2 guests in the stateroom, valued at up to $30pp per day
    • Flexible cancellation terms

      $87 per day for 2 adults??!!! Champagne?


        And wine, beer, spirits, cocktails. Though how many people would drink $87 a day of drinks ? Especially on those port days. Days at sea, well that's easy.

        Seems like a challenge for most.


          i heard the ships trying to port are being turned away so you will be on the ship that day anyways..


          The ease of attaining value for money $87pp/day is directly proportional to the drink prices onboard.

          Gone are the days of $0.20 beers on the Fairstar.

  • +3 votes

    You've experienced the Diamond Princess (free evacuation included), now experience the next level up… the Sapphire Princess…


    how about Golden Princess?


    Pretty standard cruise price. Boring itinerary. Dreadful timing.


      Just looked at that. Broome is great. Exmouth is OK, but you relaly need to go to Coral Bay about 150 km away. BEAUTIFUL. Snorkel along the reef. Gero, Meh, Stay on the boat and drink.


    This ship (maybe all of them?) has US-style electricity outlets, 110V, 60-cycle.
    I hadn't even thought about that before; I wonder how many passengers get caught out?


    48 hour drive to Perth from my house, and flights to there are not cheap at all… :(


    You in Townsville ?


    Finally a cruise deal for WA but wrong timing :(

    • +2 votes

      That all depends - the timing may be perfect. If a pandemic breaks out, people on the mainland could soon all be infected, roaming the streets like zombies. Suddenly, being in a ship in international waters doesn't seem so bad. Sure, you'll have to tough it out for a few years while the mass extinction takes its course. But as the last survivors, your eligibility is bound to go up.


    Was on this boat over Christmas. Didn't enjoy cruising - its not for me. Felt like being trapped in hotel lobby with a lot of retirees. Staff were great though.
    On the first night they have an amazing chocolate dessert in the seated dining areas .. I think it was a "flourless chocolate moose"? Only on the first night - not sure why.


    free docking in Japan?