Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+ / S20 Ultra and Galaxy Buds+ Pricing @ Samsung Friends & Family

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Was browsing around for a new fridge and found these new phones for even cheaper!

Found on the Family and Friends Samsung page so might be worth checking on other EPP's.

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    Let me know if you find any good on fridge :)
    I am looking for one as well.

    • Will do mate, old fridge just broke!

      • Hey mate, are you Samsung Employee

    • Let me know as well. Mine just broke too. We need a good fridge deal universe. Please bring it on.

      • Needed a fridge with ice and water dispenser and the SRS673DMB peaked my interest. $1429, almost $400 cheaper than JB or GG

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      dont buy a samsung fridge. their motors ice themselves to death

      • Yep, their fridges are shit. Avoid.

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    Geez this hurts not being able to access

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    Prices on other EPP portals are higher.

    • like what ?

      • I got 50% off

        • Which Epp?

  • how can I get access to this?

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      If you have to ask, you can't.

      To login in to the Samsung Friends and Family Samsung Store, you need to be an employee of Samsung Friends and Family

      • Thanks! i do have access to the education portal but is not as cheap :(

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          Consider yourself lucky still

    • Good prices. Please help

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        Q: Good prices. Please help
        A: Hey God of Price please help them.

  • OP, which EPP? Seems like different EPPs get different prices.

  • sad that i dnt have access to it. it is a awesome find

  • Is S20 = S10e now?

    • Probably.

      I reckon would help sales that way.

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      Not really. s10e was a budget version of s10.

      S20 replaces s10
      S20+ replaces s10+
      S20 Ultra replaces s10 5G (sort of, but is more closer to a early Note 11 release, since they usually have the best hardware to look forward for the next gen S Series)

      • So no budget version now?

        • Budget Samsung = Xiaomi. Not only that but they are also better.

  • all those on EPP, they are single sim model, right?

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    do you get any bonus with this? buds+ or powerbank?

    • I can't see any promotions on the page regarding that so I assume not

      • hey Local Bogan, what EPP are we talking here. Do other EPP like coles get different pricing ?

        • I was on the Family and Friends Portal, and pricing can differ across all EPP's from my experience

          • @Local Bogan: Can confirm that on one of the Bank's EPP it is different

            • @urahara: which bank was it and how different we're talking. I was on the coles EPP and it was 20% off + wireless powerbank

      • Hey Local Bogan, could you refer someone as friends and family ?

    • Generally the promotions (Buds+ etc) aren't compatible with the EPP pricing offers but I have a feeling some people have had luck with the powerbank offer

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    Not available on my corporate EPP or the EDU EPP either. Those are still 20% off only.

  • My EPP coles only has 20% off + free wireless powerbank offer. Anyone else know who other than samsung EPP has it ? Is there anyway i can get into the 30% off EPP?

    • Just confirmed Westpac and Stgeorge has the same EPP offer as coles, 20% off + free wireless charger

  • Omg.. I wish I had access. I have no access to any of these sites.
    Also my dad works at Woolworths would he be able to get any discount on this?

    • +1

      Talk to him?

      • He has no idea.

        • @Halvar Yes even Woolworths employee also has access to Woolworths EPP portal. My friend is working with Woolworths store and he has access to one of these stores

    • He should. Go to WOW Plus club.

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    I have always considered myself a close friend with Samsung… :P

    • +3

      DJ Koh and I go way back.

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      who is this ozbargainer and will they accept sexual favours? at this point i don't even care about gender.

  • Optus EPP 50% off all models. woops

    • Wanna help me get one?

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    maybe one can catch a samsung employee during their smoko at the major shopping centres and slip em $50 for a "purchase for a friend"

    • Im to shy for that :(

    • I doubt its worth their job.

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      spot em a ciggy and thereby establishing friendship thus also making you eligible under F&F :D

  • Unfortunately I don't know anyone with access but good find none the less.

  • Really wish had access to one of these.

    Needed new phone desperately

    • Same! Need new phone desperately. Currently using s10 plus

      • +2

        Weird how you need a new phone after only a year? I am still using my s8+ and have no desire to upgrade

  • quid pro quo? free legal advice any F&F of samsung :D

  • I wish I had access to this….

  • How to get an access… Any creative ideas?

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    We should stop asking. No Samsung employees will risk getting sacked over sharing their employee numbers for this deal.

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    Is this a bargain if almost no one can access? Significantly less chance of getting this deal than the usual EPP.

    • +1

      Yep. Shouldn't really be posted unless the masses are given instructions mu h less be able to access it…

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    I think maybe put "targeted" or "membership required" mark on it?

  • How to become 'friend' for Samsung purposes

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    Actually what you have to do as an EPP partner is sign up using work email, then download Samsung plus app with a unique registration code from the support team. Then you need to do all the courses to get this.

    Which one to get?

    • -1

      Let me know if you can help me buy one.

    • +1

      That offer is usually for telco EPP Partners e.g. vodafone, optus, telstra. Not available for all other normal corporate EPPs.
      The reason they offer it via the Samsung+ app is to entice those telco companies to do "training" so they can sell more phones.

    • Do you know exactly what courses you have to do? I've done a few but not getting the offer…

      • The big one at the end. Then wait a day for email

    • I've done the courses but am still waiting for the code. There's been chatter that they are sent out Monday every week (so next on 2nd March). Can you confirm you received yours on the 24th?

      • Some company got their samsung training course leaked, someone shared the training link and allota new accounts were made, samsung is now checking the details for the correct intended trainee

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    anyone else waiting to see how good the Note S20 is?

    Or P40 pro

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    Amazing prices, but like most others, no access to any of these sites.

    • I share your pain :(

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      just find a friend or family member who has a student account or alumni email

      i setup a free alumni email but it does take 1-2 weeks

      • Went to a New Zealand uni, and my oldest is only 14, and the minimum age to get the discount is 18…

      • Mate, thanks a lot for this! I had no idea I still had an edu email address.

        • +1

          my pleasure :)

      • Hold on a sec, if I went to Swinburne in like 2003-2004 … Is there a way I can get onto this .edu EPP rort?

        • depends if you can still access your edu email or they will setup a free alumni one for you

          i got a free melb uni alumni email for life that worked (but alumni emails dont work on unidays just fyi)

  • Does anyone know if this works for Big W employees as the same as Woolworths employee to redeem this offer?
    Edit: works for Big W employees

    • Where do you find the company employee code?