expired Mother 15pk 375ml Cans - $9.99 IGA Delahey Vic


Saw 15 pack cans of Mother on Manager's Special at the Delahey IGA for only $9.99 a case.

Great price for this fine sugar laden drink.

As it is a Manager's special not sure if this may be across other stores/states.

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    Good deal, shame it's not near me lol.

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    Is there some teleportation device I can use to get my sweet sweet sugar?

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    Bargain. Fill up the swimming pool!

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    Schweet deal ,shame it would cost me 300bux in petrol to get there


    At IGA Lalor Park, Manager's Special means out of date. Last Sunday, Managers Special on 300ml bottle of Coke for 99c. 4 months past expired! Be very careful. Week before that, Managers Special on maltesers, they were covered in that white stuff old chocolate gets. Opened bag after bag of 'white' chocolate. Told the manager they were all off- still on 'Manager's Special' 2 days later.

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      Manager's special case of food poisoning.

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      Probably either sugar or fat bloom, either way, still edible. Edit: basically either the fat or the sugar comes out of the chocolate, causing a discolouration. It might have been stored in too warm an environment, etc.



    out off date usally means ,,still drinkable but for the rest of society ya better not buy it ,,run along to coles or woolies and get you your latest and greatest ,while i kick back and enjoy this ,and save save a few pennies in the meam time


    Pretty cheap but Mother is packed with sugar. I prefer sugarless V.


    NQR will help with your discount sugar fix if you can't get this deal


    Oh my god I love this stuff!!!! =)


    Great offer. Be still, my palpitating heart.