Best OLED Screen for Movies

Hey guys so I'm gonna be moving into my own place soon and am planning on picking up a killer surround system and turning the lounge into a movie den, my question is what in your opinions would be the best OLED screen for this, there won't be a large viewing angle and there will be very minimal light cast onto the screen I'm looking at a price range between 2-3k if anyone could give their take it would be much appreciated!


  • Best screen will be the one released next year. I'd say get the biggest you can afford with the budget and that suits the room and if you plan to game.
    I feel that the top manufacturers have similar enough screens but the tech (refresh rate and smoothing etc) and user interfaces will set them apart from one another.

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    I thought that the tv size should relate to the room size?,news-24708...

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      nah, it's a myth. Bigger the better :)

      • Yeah, like the front row in a cinema is everyone's preferred option

        • 150 inches (12.5 feet)

          you know 3m+ isn't that far :)

  • Maybe consider a short throw projector with an ALR Screen.

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    I'm looking at a price range between 2-3k

    Well your options are really limited to only one TV. The LG C9. You'll be able to afford the 55", but the 65" is just over 3k I think. Stretch and get that or keep praying the price will drop so you don't have to wait a year for this years LG to drop to those prices.

    • I might consider the stretch tbh as an extra 10" is always appreciated when it's for movies :) thanks for your help! So c9 is the way to go!

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    LG 65 C9 for sure, has been as low as ~$2700.00 recently.

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    LG C9. CX is almost certainly better, but the price is still unknown.

  • For movie it would be a Panasonic Oled.

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    Avoid Sony OLEDs like the plague. Poor support, poor hardware features, overpriced. Go with LG

    • Seems like pretty odd advice, surely the picture quality is the most important feature of a tv? I have seen reviews of some sony tvs with the reviewers saying things like best image quality on a tv they have ever seen.