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Single Malts: Ailsa Bay $50, Glenfiddich Fire & Cane $49 (Expired) + Delivery ($0 with $150 Spend /C&C) @ First Choice Liquor


Great deal. The Isla Bay is usually $95 and the Glenfiddich $86.

Add in 9% cashback from ShopBack and you're sipping some quality for a fraction of its normal cost.

Glenfiddich Fire & Cane Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml $86 (Looks like it's been pulled from the website.)
Ailsa Bay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml $95

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  • Thanks OP, I've been wanting to try the Glenfiddich Fire & Cane for a while now and finally pulled the trigger!

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    FREEDEL Code also for free delivery.

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      using the free delivery code will most likely void the 9% cashback

  • Also got an email saying free shipping over $40 with code FREEDEL for today only. Don't know if it's targeted.

  • Thanks! I ordered one of each click and collect. One kept disappearing from my cart (I think because it is out of stock in WA for delivery), and at the end of the checkout there was an error, but a confirmation email came through so hopefully it's all fine.

    • I just collected mine at the Duncraig store, and there are still bottles on the shelf labelled at the reduced prices. 3 x Ailsa, 6 x Glenfiddich.

  • Thanks OP.
    Grabbed the Ailsa Bay; have read about these two in development and at this price well worth the try, but this one sounds more my style than the Glenfiddich.

    For clarity, these are 700ml.

    Thanks also to the other posters for the free delivery code.

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    how good is Ailsa Bay Single Malt?

    • Decent, especially at this price. It's comparable to Talisker 10yo.

    • You tell us ScoMo

      • page not found :(

    • I would say better then the Talisker, not as much peat either

  • Tried the Ailsa Bay and got this:
    Removed product ID 3376603 in VIC as it is no longer in stock.

    • Got that too when I tried pick-up but after changing to delivery it worked.

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    Got the Ailsa and a singleton 12 yo, which was also around $50. Used freedel.

  • Ailsa bay is a great drop!

  • Hmmm…according to the site my local has stock so I might head over there at lunch. You've got to wonder why the Glenfiddich has been slashed by nearly $40, though. Introductory pricing or they can't shift it?

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    Glenfiddich is showing up as $50 on the store page but $80 in the Cart.

    • same here…

    • same

    • Just went in store and paid $80. Hopefully I get a $30 credit from them or credit card price protection.

      The Glenfiddich is aged in run casks. Thanks OP.

      • If you saw the price should have been $49, why did you pay $80?

        • Can either send a kind email to First Choice for the balance or claim the balance on my credit card with price drop protection. That's if it works for purchases made the same day.

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    Thanks OP, had a $10 off voucher so picked up the Ailsa Bay for $40.

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    Got the Ailsa for $40 as I had a $10 off code after my first order. Cheers OP!

  • Anyone know why there's so many whiskey deals ATM? First Choice trying to gain Market on Dans?

    I have to stop using OzB, in buying whiskey and barely drink it! Lol. Already bought 7 wines from the 25% cashback yesterday lol

    • Apparently good for corona virus!

  • As above - thanks OP. Decent scotch for $50!

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    just spoke to them via phone .. theres an issue with the website that they need to fix for the glenfiddich when added to basket.. it is showing $80 (which isnt even the full price).. so you will need to come back later to buy online or over the phone if you are keen.

    • I rushed to my local. This is a new week for the specials so stickers were only put up this morning.

      $86 was the RRP for the GF and the sticker price said $49 (save $37).

      Hopefully your call doesn't prompt HQ to review the price and change.

      DM have it as a Members Special at $80, down from $86.

  • thanks Op, buying more alcohol i didn't really need

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      People are out there stockpiling toilet paper, meanwhile I have enough booze to last until 2045.

  • cashback is only 3% for me :(

    • Are you looking at Shopback?
      Cashrewards and GoCashbackAU are 3%.

      • oh right, my bad!


  • Got the Ailsa Bay Single Malt just in time before they pulled the pin on the deal. (Has been removed from their website). Apparently head office stuffed up and it was not meant to be $50 , too low I was told by the local 1st choice sales rep. He was very reluctant to give it to me for $50 until I showed him the website on my phone.

    Thankyou OP!

    • It is still showing up for me on the website? Weird

      • I guess they've put it back on the website, but it was definitely not there at there about 41min ago

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      Let's blame skuzy for alerting Head Office……..

  • Just ordered the Ailsa Bay.. $50 free Del with code Glenfiddich not found now..

  • Glenfiddich is back up to $80, but Alisa Bay is still $50

  • Bought 3x Alisa Bays with CB.

    Will buy the GF once the price is fixed, using the FREEDEL without CB.

    Thanks OP

  • I couldn't find either bottle when using the shopback app. Ordered the Ailsa bay through the First Choice site with free delivery, though.

  • all gone… thanks for those that hoarded multiple bottles :(

    • Which is "all gone"?

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      Bottles are still showing as in stock for delivery. Hand in your OzB Badge and glasses, mate

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    Mine is ready to collect, I'll never have stuff delivered again! Normally sitting in a boiling van for 10 hours before it arrives! I complained about some wine, and they said it's not their fault.

  • Fire and Cane is gone online. Tempted to go down ASAP, pickup my Ailsa and see if I can purchase the Glenfiddich in-store.

  • Sweet I bought a bottle, reviews look good https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/30748/ailsa-bay

  • Site would let me Ailsa Bay add to cart but then not let me click and collect. Tried on a different device, now letting me add to cart but price goes up to $90 in cart while still showing $50 on page

    • Having the same issue with the different prices.

    • Same here… shows $90 for me.

      • mine says "Removed product ID 3376603 in SA as it is no longer in stock."

  • $90 for me in cart too. No deal.

  • Just talked them into the GF at 49 at my local store.

    Was marked at 80 on the shelf and scanned at 80. Showed them the search results showing it at 49 and they adjusted it for me.

  • Does anyone have a screenshot of the Glenfiddich for $49?

  • Cheers op. Picked up my Ailsa bay bottle from C&C then grabbed the Glenfiddich instore. On the shelf they were both marked down with price tags. Had to be overridden on the counter though.

  • I was starting to think, I was just buying inflated RRP whiskey! Good to know we got a deal!

  • Did anyone else just get given the bottle of Ailsa Bay and not the box/packaging?

    • Yep, me

      • I didn't get a box with my C&C. I saw on the shelf 2 bottles of Ailsa and 6 of Glenfiddich and none of them had boxes.

    • Ailsa Bay doesn't have a box.

  • Used FREEDEL code and cashback tracked

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      Just because it tracked doesn't mean it will be honoured

  • I ordered the Ailsa about 5 minutes after this deal was posted and slected click and collect. Still haven't recieved notification that it is ready for collection…. Anyone else in this situation?

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      Yep me…still waiting on the text

      • Maybe the issue is with stock at your C&C location?
        I bought with free shipping; all confirmed, multiple emails of status, to be delivered today.

        • Thanks for your updates. Holding out hope.

          • @DooDah: @DooDah, you should've called up the store and ask them to put a hold on a bottle, that's how I got mine. Whilst I was at the store paying for it, the sales guy kept repeating it's a pricing error and that my bottle was the last bottle. over and over again . lol

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              @boozler: Yeah probably would of been a good idea. Hopefully it's honoured.. Plan on drinking this with the wedding party the night before in a couple of weeks time.

              • @DooDah: If this falls through go out and buy a bottle of Hellyers road. Best whiskey I've had in years.

      • I had the same issue. I went in store anyway,

        and because I

        • Didn't put my fulll name (last name had just the first letter)
        • Didn't add my mobile number

        My order was 'on hold'.

        • Never got any txt (obvious reason) or emails about the old status
        • Never got any validation issues when placing the order, as it was placed succssfully

        I had to call up 1st Choice, provide above details and they placed the order under a new order number

        This will void your CB since it's a new order.

        Word of warning - ensure you provide mobile number in 1st choice profile BEFORE an order is placed AND use your full name for all orders

  • Rang their customer service number and there's a message saying they're aware of website issues. They are looking into it.

  • Order cancelled. Price error

    • Mine has been shipped. I'm feeling a bit guilty now realising it was pricing error..

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        Mine was delivered this morning.
        I rarely participate in pricing error deals, and actually didn't think this was one.

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    Just called and got through to someone, apparently they are waiting on more stock to come in.

  • If anyone in Cairns wants my Ailsa Bay minus 2 drams, PM Me. This one is too strong for me.