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Leffe Blonde 24pk $61.20 Delivered at CUB via eBay


Original Coupon Deal

If you missed the recent Kogan deal, this is a pretty good price for a delicious Belgian blonde beer. Enjoy.
Free delivery - not sure if that is only for eBay Plus.

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  • eBay Plus only by the looks

    • Nope, worked fine for me without Plus.

      • Confirmed. No eBay Plus required

      • Weird, I randomly logged into my non-eBay plus account and the code was rejected at checkout.
        Worked fine in my Plus account.

  • whenever I see "blonde" and "beer" i just asssume theyre gonna taste like Pure blondes

    • +2

      Absolutely not. A blonde ale is a nice easy drinking beer. This is a Belgian Blonde Ale and has a bit more flavour. I'm fond of this one.

      Pure Blonde is a low bitterness, low flavour lager made by CUB in an attempt to appeal to the more health conscious consumer. But of course, like most marketing driven products, it's nonsense.

      The truth is that most beer is relatively low in carbohydrates anyway. Drinking a low-carb beer instead of a regular one, would have a negligible effect on a persons waistline.

      Low-carb marketed beers such as this also damage the rest of the beer market by perpetuating a myth and painting all other beers as unhealthy.

  • Any reps to fill us in on remaining shelf life?

    • +1

      I recall the previous CUB sale, it did say somewhere in the description 'approaching best before'.

      I can't seem to find this reference in this ad so assume they're good until at least H2 2020.

      I bought a carton from the December deal and they've still got a couple months to go on the few bottles I have left and there wasn't any reference to best before dates on that deal.

      I might order this again.

      • Not sure about the Blonde but the darker ales from Leffe have upto 24 months on them. I reduced my beer intake so I need them to at least make NYE. My stocks get completely wiped and I start anew then.

  • +1

    Time to stock up as apparently the 'worlds ending'…lol

  • Can anyone confirm if Leffe is brewed in Australia now or are these full imports?

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