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Afternoonified Closing down Sale - Board Games/Trading Card Games/Dice/etc - Online Only + Delivery (Free for Orders over $300)


Afternoonified used to be a boutique gaming shop in Katoomba up to 2018, when they closed the physical shop. They've been operating online since then but have now decided to call it a day. All stock is priced to go, and when it's all gone it's gone forever so get in quick before it sells out.

Examples of board games are:

New Angeles for $56
Cry Havoc for $56
Alan's Adventureland for $25

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    Delivery (free for orders over $300) ??? Bargain

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    I remember just wandering into that shop on a driving trip. It was a fun little shop with character and friendly staff. What a pity it has closed … I miss these small specialised shops, but must be very hard to remain profitable.

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      I would think that running a board game shop would be hard work - ignoring online shopping for a second, even before that you need to sell a lot of games to keep going, and one of the appeals of a board game is for a given price you get hours and hours of use out of it. If there is no consumables to sell, you have to keep getting new customers, which is the hard part for all businesses.

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        honestly, when I walk through the local shopping centre or even massive one,

        i wonder how 90% of the shops survive as it always seems empty,
        im sure some products the margins are high eg clothing, but you'd have to sell a heck of a lot to cover rent, wages etc.

        im talking massage shops, newsagencies, brick brack stores, homewares, fashion


    No idea who are they, its always sad to see a store closing down :(

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    Board games seem to be doing good business heading into the apocalypse


    Some decent deals so picked up a few games.