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[VIC] Big Brand Sale: 50% off adidas Outlet, 40% off Nike Outlet, 40% off Bonds Outlet + More @ DFO, Southwharf


DFO Factory Outlets across the nation are all holding a 'Big Brand Sale' over the weekend.

Some example promotions (subject to brand availability at specific DFOs):

40% off Nike Outlet

50% off Adidas Outlet

40% off Bonds Outlet

50% off + additional 30% off Kate Spade

More deals outlined in the attached Big Brand Sale brochure (Southwharf VIC).

Happy Shopping!

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  • +6

    Hazmat suits compulsory

    • +2

      Toilet paper suits*

    • +4

      Too much panic which is caused mostly by the media. If they gave influenza or pneumonia the same amount of publicity we'd be panicking every year.

      • +1

        The show has only begun

      • I wish I could give you a hundred plus votes. So true lplau.

      • Not just the media, people are acting irrationally.

      • pneumonia

        Oh really? So you see a lot of viral pneumonia going around?

        • Pneumonia can be viral. Most people don't even know the difference between bacterial and viral (which is why everybody thinks hand sanitizer kills viruses to the same effectiveness as killing bacteria).

          I highly doubt that people even know for each common "ailment" if it is viral or bacterial… unless you have doctor friends / is a doctor.

          Influenza (The Flu) is also a virus which happens every year and is also highly contagious, and they don't broadcast how many people die from the common flu. If they started giving that much media to Influenza then we'd definitely be panicing.

          I love it when the media outlet has the head lines "PANIC PANIC PANIC" then says in the article itself "80% of people will only have mild symptoms"…. They make it sound bad to garner more readers.

  • +4

    Oh look, 40% off at Bonds once again..

  • would this be % off full price, or off everything in store?

    • -2

      The prior.

    • +1

      Adidas and Nike have 50/40% off on top of the outlet discounts.

  • OP: so is it nationwide of just South Wharf? Your title and description don't match…

    • Should be Nationwide, I have confirmed on the DFOs in other states too. My title must have been edited.

  • +1

    No Asian tourists in Melbourne atm which DFO South Wharf heavily relies on.

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