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Asahi Super Dry Cans 500ml Per Pack of 6 $18/ $19 (Was $26.99/ $27.99) @ Dan Murphy's (Free Membership Required)


Super Dry - the beer for all seasons. Asahi beer is brewed from quality ingredients. By using pure cultured yeast and advanced brewing techniques Asahi beer has excellent richness, truly refreshing drinkabilty and satin smoothness.

The price of 6 pk could be $18 (WA/VIC) or $19 (rest of the states)

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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    $68 per case of 24 works out cheaper per can I think.

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      $64.99 WA. Thanks, grabbed a couple.

      • Im confused. Isnt $65 normal for a carton of this? Same price at firstchoice

        • Liqourland, BWS are $80, vintage cellars $85. Price fluctuates at Dans but this seems to be as low as they go lately. First choice has been cheaper with eBay codes over the last 6 months

        • You're aware that they're 500ml cans, not 375ml?

      • same in VIC! 'tis the season to get inhebriated tralalala, lalalaaaa

  • Nice one. Thanks OP!

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    Best imported beer in my books

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      Brewed in China if you read the fine print.

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        Pretty sure the cans aren’t in China

      • Ever drink asahi 500ml?

      • Wrong. Super dry and soukai stubbies china.

        Super dry cans, black made in japan.

    • Better than American IPAs and Belgian ales?

  • Hey Nice cans

  • My go to beer but as Jared17 says above, buying a case works out cheaper.

  • surpised this is categorised as groceries ;)

  • Looking to stock up beers before they get hoarded by panic alcoholics

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      Plot twist: We are the alcoholics

  • This is always a good buy at Dan’s regular carton price. This is also the real stuff brewed in Japan, not like the other sizes.

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        WRONG. 500ml cans are brewed in Japan - only the bottles come from China. Have heard good things about the Black but not tried it yet.

        • Another good twist is 50/50 dry and black.

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    This is a rip off. Only worth buying in a case when its around $50 after cashback/flybuys points etc

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      I agree. Pretty average dry lager and not a great price. There seems to be a large community of weeaboos on this site.

  • First Choice has unlimited 25% CB the other day, could of stocked up then if you wanted around $50

    • $50 for 500ml cans? Umm how

  • Asahi Soukai was $11 for a 6-pack in my local Dan Murphys last week. Can't complain about that one either.

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    In light of the current situation with coronavirus, how long can I survive consuming beer only? It consists of 90+% of water and some cards.
    Will I be self-sustainable having my shed full of beer if apocalypse begins (no water, no food, no toilet paper)?

    • Trade the cards?

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      14 beers a day should keep you going indefinitely. Have half multivitamin before bed to discourage the scurvy etc. Not an ideal diet but these are survival times so I won't snitch to your GP.

    • do you not feel insane headache after binge drink? i never understood how people can be drunk everyday, my head and stomach would explode.

  • Thats wierd. in SA - If I select 3 packs it comes to $57, but when I add more than 3 packs the extra packs are even cheaper.
    6x (packs of 6 ) shows up as $102.