Xiaomi Mi Box or Vodafone TV?

Need a smart part for a dumb TV. These are two options. Has anyone had experience with both of them and can compare? Which one would make more sense.


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  • Note that after the latest firmware update the Vodafone box is now limited in its USB stick support. See the thread on Whirlpool.

    If you're not after local files playback, the VTV is a great solution.

    • Does this mean I can't playback movies from a usb stick?

      • Only if the stick is formatted as FAT32, which means it can't store files larger than 4GB.

        You're better off playing from a network drive anyway (a shared drive from a PC or router), easier than shuttling a drive back and forth every time you want to put something new on it.

  • Loving my Mi Box and CinemaHD

  • Vodafone supports plugging in an antenna/coaxial cable, which can save you some headache switching between input sources on your TV.

    • That part is irrelevant. I need for the bedroom and have no aerial there anyway

      • Sorry I didn't read your mind to gauge what your specific requirements were.

        In any case, hopefully my comment will serve useful for someone else in future thinking about this same topic.

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          Tha ls, that's good to know for me :).
          I'm tossing up between these two boxes as I want both fta TV and usb support as most my media is still on hdd

  • Is it easy enough to record live TV on the VTV?

    • It's not great, the EPG only shows the current and next shows (instead of a full 7 day schedule) so you can't really schedule stuff in advance. The Live TV app also crashes whenever you try to play any recordings, so you have to use something like KODI to watch them.

  • the Chromecast option isn't popping up for my Vodafone TV. Anybody else having the problem or know how to resolve? thanks