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Super Saver - Quiche 700g $4.99, Gourmet Icecream 1L $3.49, Kalamata Olives 350g $1.99 @ ALDI


World Kitchen Quiche 700g - $4.99 (was $6.99)

Monarch Obsession Icecream 1L - $3.49 (was $4.49)

Deli Originals Kalamata Olives 350g - $1.99 (was $2.69) - There are also Sun Dried Tomotates 280g, but they are only 20c below normal price.

New Super Savers that were just added this week.

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  • Thanks… I REALLY didn't need to see that ice cream? Any idea when I have to clear their freezer out by?

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      I love the Monarch ice cream but only the mint flavour (followed by the banana one, followed by the eton mess one), none of which I have seen at any Aldis near me for months. :(

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        The Obsession range are in the see-through containers and come in Choc Chip, Triple Choc or Salted Caramel. I've found them to be pretty bad. Perhaps you're thinking of some other variety.

        • how can something that looks that good, taste bad?

        • Perhaps you're thinking of some other variety.

          Monarc Indulge range?

        • Ah yes, I was thinking of them, thought this deal included them as the Obsession is technically also part of the "Monarc" brand.

        • Yeah, they're not very good IMO, taste like a cheap ice cream.

  • Any toilet paper there?

  • Are these the new lower price or price for a limited time/weekly special?

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      Super Savers.

      They reduce the normal price for a few weeks. Usually 3 weeks, but sometimes more, and also sometimes possibly less.

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    Real men eat quiche. Especially for $4.99.

  • Thanks Op, I was going there tomorrow to get a tape measure so will pick up a quiche as well.

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      I bought the Quiche Lorraine - water seemed a major ingredient. Very bland