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40% off Full Price Storewide* +10% Cashback at 19 adidas Stores Nationally (non-Outlet) by Linking Visa/Mastercard @ Cashrewards


Hi everyone. We're pleased to announce the launch of a huge 40% discount with a further 10% cashback at 19 non-Outlet adidas stores nationally (excluding SA). This is strictly an in-store offer and does not apply online. There are no minimum spend requirements & no purchase restrictions. Only exclusion is Yeezy products. The process is very straightforward, and ends March 17. Please follow the steps below, and happy shopping! Enjoy :)

  • Link your Visa/Mastercard credit/debit card with your Cashrewards account here prior to shopping.
  • To get 40% off, you must (1) ensure you shop at one of the 19 participating locations listed here, (2) have the Cashrewards Mobile App installed on your mobile device, and (3) show the retail associate this page confirming your linked card. The last 4 digits must match the card you're paying with.
  • To get 10% cashback, you must use your linked card and select credit or the PayWave option to complete your transaction. Selecting savings/cheque will void cashback.
  • Payment with Apple/Android Pay is valid, provided the saved card matches the Cashrewards linked card.
  • Cashback tracking is anywhere from instant to 14 days (dependent on associated bank).
  • *40% off is the maximum discount allowed (confirmed by adidas 12/03/20). Excludes Yeezy products and gift cards.
  • Please choose carefully as stores may not accept returns when using 40% off promo.

Note: adidas has confirmed (13/03/20) that 40% is off full price. Discounted sale items will not be eligible for a further 40% off, but rather 40% off the original price.

If you're having problems linking a card, please log out then back in to Cashrewards and try again. This clears the cache.

Some helpful links:

CR in-store program
Link your card
CR in-store FAQs
CR help centre
CR contact form

Visa and/or Mastercard details are not captured or stored at any point by Cashrewards. Your card details are encrypted, captured and stored by Visa and/or Mastercard alone from your secure browser session. We do not pass this back to our system. Once your card is linked, Visa and/or Mastercard then send us the last 4 digits for reference.

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  • Do Adidas stores carry any products on sale? Or is it just 40% off full price + 10% cashback?

    • Sometimes. I was in the Pacific Fair Adidas stores and they both had sales on various items. Usually the less popular products like PureBoost or PODs.

      Still 40% of retail is nothing to sneeze at and if you do, do it into your elbow.

  • Wow great deal. Just as I need a new pair of football boots.

    Can anybody recommend which Sydney store has the best range?

    • Exactly what I was thinking. I'm hoping to get a pair of Copa Mundial for $138 then 10% cash back.

  • When does it start? There is no start date.

    Are the sales items included?

  • What if I have a $200 gift card. If I purchase lets say $240 worth of stuff and $200 is paid with gift card, am I right to assume only the $40 in cash paid with the card will be eligible for the cash back/40% discount?

    • I am just assuming but I think it would be 40% discount on $240 so total $120 to pay and $80 left on your GC with 0 cashback

      • +3 votes

        Incorrect. 40% off applies only to the amount paid for with the linked card. So in the above example, it's 40% off $40. Then cashback applies to the actual amount paid after discount ($24). Hope this makes sense :)

        • Assuming he was talking about spending the $200 gift card and spending the $40 after discount, so it would be 10% of the $40, no?

  • No store in brisbane, hmm perhaps i need to go to GC now

  • this is terrific thanks mate, needed some new boost!

  • Can I get this offer if I use cash rewards through safari on my phone? I can’t log in to the cash rewards app, it always says “sorry, we encountered a problem” :(

  • Best running shoe?

    • I usually wear Asics for running. Asics Gel Kayano are one of their best, but I'm also searching for what Adidas have to offer in terms of running shoes.


      • My running enthusiasts family used to wear ASICS Kayanos but after trying Mizuno, none of them went back to ASICS again.

        • Interesting. Mizuno looked on par with the Asics when I tried them. I'll have to give them a chance next time I buy a pair of running shoes. Cheers for the recommendation.

    • You're black listing CR over $1.16?

    • +3 votes

      Hi dfung. IKEA cashback was capped at $10. You can clearly see it in the title of this post. The terms also stated that it may track at a higher amount, but will be adjusted to $10.

      Not sure why your AU Post transaction was adjusted by $0.02 but I will gladly look into it for you if you like. Did you contact CR re IHG? It's really difficult to comment here without knowing the full circumstances of your booking. Tracking is one thing, but the fact it was declined could be for any of a dozen reasons (booking paid with IHG Reward Club points, booking a non-qualifying property, cancellation, change/modification to booking, etc).

  • Dang.. No stores in Brisbane!!

  • +3 votes

    strictly an in-store offer

    Awesome. I'm only 5 hours drive from my nearest store. I'll pop in tomorrow to see what I can pick up.

  • Not a bad deal. Not a cheap as the outlets with 50% sale though.

  • @tightarse do you need to add WA to your banner as it's one of the 18 stores listed on your link?

  • No linky!

  • so the participated store staff will know to give 40% off when I show the linked card page from CR ?

  • If there alot sales prices already instore this is good deal. Won't know till you get to the store is the problem I guess

    Does have no returns listed if using discount..

  • Arsenal jersye 40% off..bet not?

  • Awesome deal. Thanks TA.

  • +2 votes

    SA here 🖕

  • tried in westfield sydney store. bought a pair of ub20 for $156 and predator 20.1 for $168 plus another 10% cash back from CR. awesome deal

  • The Play store says the app isn't available in my country… But I'm in Australia tho? Haha. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • Got triple black ultraboost $129.60

    Asked to see the linked card on the app at the register. Once I showed them no issues at all. Cashrewards pending came through within two mins.
    Cheers great deal.

  • Thank you. Deal of the year for me.

  • Got 2 triple black ultra boosts lol!

    I was looking for the predator 20+ FG, but someone grabbed the last pair this morning, according to the re-printed receipt, that guy paid in full…

  • Thanks TA, good deal!

    Just checking, other than physically walking into a store or ringing them, is there any other way to check stock of specific items?

    • I saw the staff in store have an app for internal stock check across different stores, which i reckon is not available to the customers.

  • Does this work with already discounted items?

    • Same question, does this works on already 30% off items ? I mean is it 40% on top of that ?


        Answered here :)

        • Different question all together. I asked if there's 30%off certain item do we get 40% on top of that?

          • @arsetight: It should be additional to the current discounted price is how I would read that.


            @arsetight: My apologies, I was referencing the terms on that link, but waited until I had confirmation from adidas this morning (13/03/20) on its exact meaning:

            Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.

            So if an item is discounted to 30% off, you won't get a further 40% off. They will simply adjust it to 40% off. So in effect, this promo is 40% off full price. I've updated the title and OP to alleviate any confusion. Thanks.

  • great deal was basically an ozbargain meet up after work

  • Can I stack with Creator Pass Voucher? Also, using google pay, will it recognize the virtual account number or the physical card number? Ta

  • Just picked up a pair of Adidas Limited Star Wars Alphaedge 4D Shoes. Ends up coming down from $440 to $240 after 40% discounts and 10% cashback. They don't have these on the shelves but the lady had them out back. Worth checking your local store

  • Many thanks OP. Just bought Copa Mundial footy boots (normally $220) for $132 then $13.20 cashback which is already tracked.

  • Amazing deal! Bought a whole bunch of popular full priced items for the kids!

  • Purchased a pair of UB 20s at the WA branch and everything went through smoothly. Only thing is that the cashback has not been tracked yet unlike others. T&Cs state that Apple Pay is fine as long as the card is linked, but also that it may take 14 days to track so I’m waiting for now.

    • Similar situation to you, purchased from Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast but payed using Samsung Pay.

      My transaction has tracked but friends did within a few minutes.

  • What's a cool, trendy half runner/casual sneaker with comfortability? They have such a big range.

  • Can you make more than one purchase and still get the cash back? I booght some shoes this morning but wouldn't mind going back for seconds

  • Which store in Victoria has the biggest/best range? Been looking to pick up some triple black ultraboost for a min…

    • Probably Bourke St, CBD but you might find chadstone shopping centre has a good range of sizes since not many ppl going to shopping centres these days. If you want triple black specifically, just call up. They can do 3 day holds.

      • Thanks Wongman. Called ahead and ended up heading to the performance store in Chadstone to pick up. Surprisingly, they carry half sizes there too.

  • Picked up two pairs of ultra boosts. Finally got some triple blacks!!

    Store only had all white in the 19 and 20’s but I don’t like their fit/look. I think my only option would be online until the font stock them anymore

  • Picked up a pair of UB20s, a hoody and some socks for $200 after cashback - great deal! Cashback tracked within seconds.

  • Hi TA, does Yeezy qualify for 10% cashback if purchase in store?

  • Edit: Will come to the store later today to get some UB20!

  • Shame this offer is in-store only, some of the items i'm looking for are only available on the website.

  • NSW Stores (Miranda and Broadway to name some) have been telling me that the UB 4.0s are not included in this deal… and that although this hasn't been covered online, it is what staff are advised as "in-store policy" across all the adidas stores hence they cannot process any discounts for these.

    Is this right or allowed? I'm not too clear on how much jurisdiction they have, but if this is a policy that is covered across all stores why not just include it in the original T&Cs?

    • Just had this happen to me in the Sydney Westfield store. The lady told me that the deal excluded triple black UBs and the 4.0s :(

      • Same thing happened to me at the same store last Friday.

        I came to the store again today and grabbed triple black UB20 with no issue. Served by different sales person and he had no issue in applying the discount.

        • Ooft. You've got some real dedication. You deserve it! I ended up getting another pair but i'll be on the lookout.

    • That’s strange. I picked up 4.0 triple blacks and 4.0 DNA no questions. It’s a shame they don’t do exchanges or refunds on sales though, I think I need half a size up than usual as my right foot must be larger than my left, or the right shoe is just smaller.. haven’t had this issue with other shoes

      • I was able to exchange my Free Hikers for a larger size, no questions asked. Most likely no returns though, according to the fine print anyway.

        • Cheers, I might call ahead tomorrow just to be sure. You’ve given me hope!

        • Wouldn’t accept exchanges at my store :( said it’s in the terms

          • @johnnytran: That pretty shitty. sorry to hear that man… the only thing i can think of is that you need to do the exchange at the same store it was bought at? I can't seem to see anything in the T&C about no exchanges… only no refunds but IANAL… :( GL man.

            • @Uchuujin: Yeah there’s no mention of exchanges in the terms. It would be nice if TA chimed in.

              The staff at the store I bought them from weren’t too happy to exchange it to begin with so it wouldn’t surprise me if they used the promo as an excuse not to exchange…

  • This was great,hope they bring something like this back again! Easy shopping at the Gold Coast store in QLD they already knew about the offer and just took 40% off with just a quick phone flash of the app. Cheers TA.

  • Grabbed UB20 Triple Black today at Sydney Westfield. Thanks TA!! Great deal!

    • Omg! Good on you! The person who was helping me on Sunday said the deal excluded triple blacks :') What is this inconsistency.

  • Completed my purchase instore on Sunday using linked card, but no sign of the cashback tracking….


      As per the terms in the OP:

      Cashback tracking is anywhere from instant to 14 days (dependent on associated bank).

      Hold on to the receipt. If nothing appears after this time, ping us and we'll take care of it :)

  • @tightass

    Can you let us know if exchanges are allowed? The terms only say no returns. I tried to exchange shoes for a different size but they said there’s no returns/exchanges as mentioned in the terms of this promo. I took their word for it but should have looked at the terms first.

    • +1 vote

      Hi johnnytran. The terms stated in the promo are precisely as communicated to us by adidas HQ. We (Cashrewards) have no say in how they're written or policed. In this instance, I can only assume that 'no returns' includes exchanges & refunds. My suggestion is to perhaps take the issue up with store management. Sorry I can't provide a better or more detailed explanation.

      • Thanks thought I’d question it if others have been able to exchange no questions asked. I’ll give adidas a call and see if I can get some clarification