Delays with items from China? Aliexpress and eBay?

Are the postal services working in China at the moment? I was reluctant to buy much from there since I heard of lockdowns and delays.

Are there still currently delays on items from China/Hong Kong and lock downs?

Has anyone ordered items in the past few weeks and had them arrive from China?

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  • I had a few items from Hong Kong arrive in a week. Items from the mainland taking 2-3 weeks.

    • I had a few items from Hong Kong arrive in a week

      That's reassuring.

      I've ordered a Mi 9T from TobyDealsAU but it's been in transit for about 2.5 days after being scanned at the depot in Hong Kong.

      It would be great if I could get it on the weekend but a week sounds pretty good to me.

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    I've got an item coming China Post at the moment, says it left Shanghai 2 weeks ago now, still hasn't hit Australia yet.

  • It's bedlam.

  • I got something yesterday that I ordered in January…still waiting for another item I ordered the same time. That was before the whole virus thing became thing so who knows?

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      Factories were being shutdown extensively and the postal service was stopped to enforce it during the second half of January. They tried to soften the news, blaming Chinese New Year. It's likely there was were some restrictions due to the virus even before that.

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    I have an item coming from Osaka being packed by someone with a shattered pelvis.

  • Around 5 weeks from China for me.

  • I bought something from toabao a week ago and it arrived in 6 days

  • My AliExpress purchases are still turning up fairly quickly, eBay buys are currently a lot slower to arrive.

  • I've still got some purchases from January that haven't arrived yet

  • Ali express stuff still coming, getting one things most days now. Probably ordered about 6 weeks ago.

  • I contacted an aliexpress store and they said things are back to normal and there are no delays with the postal service.

  • I ordered something on Jan 24, Jan 31 and Feb 16. All have been delivered, but all were relatively simple items. I suspect its a seller by seller thing rather than a China thing

  • I’m been waiting 6 weeks for a cap from China, still waiting.

  • There was and then all my orders were shipped in the last week.

  • ePacket haven't arrived in Australia since "departure" from Shenzhen on the 1st of March

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    It's all over the show … I ordered 7 items from 4 separate suppliers via AliExpress about two months ago (single transaction). 5 of the items have turned up as of about two weeks ago, the others are still somewhere in transit (so far as I know). I assume these have been held up by a combination of suppliers have shut downs, shipping internal to China being disrupted and shipping out of China being disrupted both at outbound and inbound ports.

  • Last of my AliExpress orders from January finally shipped today. Seems the delays should all be just about sorted now.

  • my delivery rate is woeful. 2 have been cancelled before shipping, another has been delivered, apparently to another addresss in Queanbeyan in unusually quick time. and for another order 60 days has passed and the buyer protection has expired but i'll wait for another week before raising a dispute.

    all those 10% off coupons are pretty much a waste of time.

    to make matters worse, order update emails from aliexpress seem to be intermittent. and i've noticed they've changed the subject line in order update emails from being informative (eg "order xxx has shipped") to stupid useless things like "you're good to go" and "this will brighten your day".

    and i suspect i'm being diddled when it comes to refunds from aliexpress

  • Any updates on any delays??
    Looking to buy remote from Aliexpress, but having been trying to ship stuff to USA over last month and stuff not moving according to tracking for 2 weeks (good ol' Aus post) I'm concerned I'll be old and dead before things turn up as shipper says 15-60 days normally from Ali


    • my most recent delivery from china took 1 week to get to sydney and then a further 6 weeks to be delivered to my home

      • I just checked a tracking number for a parcel going to USA…

        Sent on 15th April
        17th Processing center
        21st April Cleared and Waiting for Departure

        Then nothing. Several parcels to USA are in same boat exactly - some sent earlier in the month!

  • Almost 10 weeks for an eBay order to arrive.

    It's from a seller I've used in the past and they've always been very prompt in posting my purchases.

    Worst so far for me.

  • Since my last post everything's slowed down, everything I've ordered has been shipped rapidly but seems to be stuck somewhere in the sea. Same with an order from the US …May be not the suppliers fault but the couriers?

    To address some of the comments above, purchase protection ran out on 2 of my items, contacted the sellers to extend it and both were done within an hour.

    I've had refunds b4 no problem but not sure if still easy if theyre struggling for money.

    My credit card company will get money back for me as a last resort but you have to have tried to resolve by all possible methods first.

    I'm just assuming anything I order will be 3-4months and if I can't wait buying elsewhere.

  • i notice my latest orders from aliexpress now have a guaranteed delivery time of 90 days screenshot

  • i have an order that shipped April 09, still haven't landed in AUS :( anyone here experiencing the same delays?

  • How are things going with delays? I wish they could be honest about big delays as I am reluctant to make big orders from China right now. Almost seems like its parking your money in China for a few months, you will get it back if it doesn't arrive but its still a waste of time if it doesn't.

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