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R.M. Williams Brush Off Comfort Craftsman $449 (Was $645) at David Jones


Many other sales on now at David Jones. A brown suede version is also available.

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David Jones
David Jones

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  • No more shoes! Must resist! Thanks OP for the heads up.

  • Used this code at the iconic on the weekend to get a similar price for the black craftsman.


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    is this brand any good, why so expensive

    • This gets asked almost every time a deal is posted for RM Williams boots. You can read one of the many other discussions if you are interested in buying a pair. Better yet, check out the quality products at Double Monk and then tell me if you still think RM Williams are expensive.

    • Yes, brand and shoes are good.
      They are comparatively expensive, due to the name and also quality.
      You can get similar quality shoes for less, but not for less than $250…they've increased in price 50% in the last 10 years. They are also no longer 100% Australian owned

      Have owned 2 pairs and always went back to other brands made in the UK. (probably not the one you're thinking of)

      • i checked some reviews, mostly negative about customer services and some quality issues.

        when you pay a big dollar for something, most of the dollar goes into customer services that sets the product apart from other similar products.

        also i don't know if made in Australia is a good selling point for expensive shoes

        good to know there are still happy customers

        • Better to be made in Australia with fair working conditions than in a sweatshop/prison with slave labor; sure these are two extremes but just putting it out there. If I had bought a piece of clothing from Target/Uniqlo/Kmart/etc only to find out that it was made with slave prison labor in the prison camps of Xinjiang, or sweatshop conditions of Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, or anywhere, I don't think I could ethically wear it with pride.

          • @t25: I agreed with what you said, but you have to compare R M William with luxury brands where their shoes are made in Italy, UK etc, due to their asking price, not target/kmart shoes.

            • @Mugu: Is Australia that bad at making a high quality product? We might not have the heritage, but ignoring that, I feel Australian craftsman can put out a quality product that is unique to our conditions. If you need another example; look at an Akubra hat.

              • @t25: I only refer to leather shoes in this case, Of course in other areas we make better quality stuff than other countries.

    • These are the best

      once you go RM boots you won't wanna wear any other

      • Do you prefer them over Barker and Tricker's?

      • rm williams aren't the best. they're just ok.

        they are entry-level for a quality boot. the leather they use is on the cheapish side, especially the lining. finishing is pretty rough and simple. they're mass produced by factory workers. the quality is about average for the price.

        they only seem to be the best because there are no other quality shoes that are widely available in australian shopping centres.

        • you just became a downvote magnet lol

          • @Mugu: if someone wants to argue that the leather that rm williams uses is "the best" or that the construction and attention to detail is "the best", then i'm happy to hear their argument.

            i have 2 pairs of rm williams. they're ok. they're not "the best".

            • @devilbabies: i got two downvotes just by asking is this brand any good why so expensive

              i don't have any RM Williams, but i do wear quality Italian made shoes which cost more than RM William, i was curious about this brand and the price.

              then i saw reviews showing the poor workmanship of these shoes and customer services, i will pass.

              • +2 votes

                @Mugu: If you want to avoid RM Williams, then you can consider more expensive stuff like:

                • Crockett & Jones start at $750
                • Church are around $800
                • Edward Green start at $1500
                • Gaziano & Girling are about 1300 GBP

                A fairer comparison would be boots made by Loake which go for $470 - $550. There are more options at Herring Shoes where you can find comparable boots rebranded under the Herring name and more expensive offerings from Barker and Tricker's.

                Lastly, there are even more options at Pediwear where you'll find Grenson at $450, Barker around $660, and Tricker's at $790. To put this bargain in even more perspective, Pediwear are selling the RM Williams Comfort Craftsman for $665.

  • Wow soooo expensive for shoes that you can get for $50 to $100 in other brands. Do people actually buy these? They are in the versace price range.

  • Got a pair previously and never regret. It will last for a very long time if you take good care.

  • Lets do the old QANTAS 2000FF + $300 again hey?

  • Second had ones still go for $250 or more. Never owned a pair, but can see the appeal.

  • Boots arrived today. Caramel is a lovely colour to add to my collection. Thanks OP