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30% off Bowden’s Own & Meguiar’s Car Care @ Repco (Online Only)


I was scouting the web thinking about what needs to be done to the car over the weekend and came across a Bowden’s Own and Meguiar’s online only sale at Repco.

2L Nanolicious Car Wash - $44.09
Snow Blow Cannon - $72.80
2L Snow Job - $40.59
Big Softie Microfibre Cloth - $10.49
Big Green Sucker - $29.39

1.9L Meguiar’s Gold Class - $23.79
Large Synthetic Chamois - $22.39
Lambs wool Wash Mitt - $14.69
Wheel Brush - $16.79
Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner - $13.99

Could be a chance to save some hard earned cash.

Sale is live now and finishes midnight Sunday 15th March.

Not stackable but hey 30% is 30% right ?

Happy hunting !

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  • I bought the 2 bucket system from them.
    Very happy with the results I get. Foam then nanolicious when required followed by the Green sucker dry. Its all I needed to do thus far. I recommend this stuff… Highly.

    • the Big Green Sucker is amazing, saves so much time.

  • +3

    Bowden’s Own = Aussie 👍👍👍

  • Good price for happy ending

    Cheapest I've seen it is 40 with ebay codes but that was a while ago

  • Thanks mate. Got a big green sucker and some buckets =)

  • Keen to get a decent cleaning setup going. So far it looks like the green sucker is good for drying. I was thinking of getting a couple of the repco buckets/grit guards. What sort of sponge/mitt do people use? What about wash liquids etc?

    I've also heard good things about snow foaming so keen to check that out too if it works well.

    • Snow foam is completely optional and not necessary at all, if you need to buy everything from scratch (pressure washer + snow lance) then it's not worth it IMO until you've gotten all the other basics covered and want to step it up.

      Any microfibre wash mitt is fine, Bowden's Love Glove is a good product.

      For the wash shampoo, I like Nanolicious from Bowden's and Ultimate Wash & Wax from Megs, if you're not following up with a dedicated wax aftwards as they have minor additives to leave a nice glossy finish behind. If you are waxing, then use something like Soft Wash (Megs) or Auto Body Gel (Bowden).

      • Ah cool, i thought as much. I do already have a Gerni and the foam attachment is only $25 so it might not be a huge stretch. Is the idea that you snow foam, leave it for a bit then pressure wash it off to get off the top layer of dirt/provide extra lubrication when you wash manually?

        Good to hear, might try the Bowden's one and see how it goes. I used to use the Ultimate Wash & Wax and found it to be pretty good for the glossy coat afterwards. I had plenty left until I accidentally kicked over the bottle and it cracked and leaked everywhere.. Might try the Nanolicious for a bit of a change up :)

        • Don't get the foam attachments from the pressure washer manufacturers (either Gerni or Karcher) - they don't work anywhere near as well as a purpose built snow lance like the cannons from Bowden's or Megs. But even those are overpriced IMO, there are plenty of cheap snow cannons on ebay from China that work identical - just search for a brass snow lance / cannon.

          Yes that's the general idea, it's only a prep stage for the actual 2-bucket wash and the whole idea is to minimize scratches during the washing process. If I'm being honest with myself I only do it cause it's a good time foaming up the car..!

  • hybrid ceramic wax spray is cheaper at SCA at the moment $35 vs $37 at repco.

    just waiting for this other Meg's product to come into stock so i can try it out… a thicker/wipe on version of the ceramic wax spray, which works really well so far especially doing the dilute,apply and wipe method, keen to try the other version

    anyway hopefully it comes into stock before sunday so i can order some at 30% off!

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