Best Option to Send a Small Package from New York to Melbourne

Hey Guys,

I ordered an item on EBAY that would only ship to the US. So I had it shipped to a friends place in New York City. As he hasn't really shipped anything overseas before, he is unsure of what would be the best option to send it to Australia.

Just looking for any recommendations to get it to Melbourne, Australia in under 1 month that is reasonably cost effective.

Item size is approximately 16cm high X 12cm wide X 12cm depth. It weighs about 800grams.

If anyone is interested to know its basically a small container of pre workout powder, of a flavour you simply can't get anymore.. Canonly get flavors that taste pretty terrible.

As its a container, minimalist packaging is required so the overall size will be what is quoted above.


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    Headphone boxes.


      Sorry… What do you mean by Headphone boxes? Are they a courier??


        Lame attempt at a joke, nevermind.


        Cassie Sainsbury case - arrested in Columbia with almost six kg of drugs inside boxes of headphones


          She was arrested in the US?


    Courier is not an option for a one off shipment
    Mail forwarders, such as MyUS would not be cost effective.
    Best bet is USPS. Up to 900gm would be approx $A43, BUT 900gm to 1,100gm and it jumps to $A66.
    Just be careful about import restrictions on health food supplements and make sure your friend fills out the Customs declaration correctly (and honestly)


    Should have shipped it to shipito or comgateway.

    As you missed that boat, ask your friend I guess but normally USPS is the cheapest aka auspost equal.


    next time shop around and check shipping quotes, they vary and some are still cheap. Try sites like Iherb. you get cashback and referral signup bonus here, many also have first time discounts


    US international shipping is expensive. USPS is probably the best.

    I’d try posting on a Aussies in the US page and see if anyone is flying over in the next few weeks (unlikely given the corona virus situation) but a possibility.