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Viva Paper Towels White 2 Pack $1.75 (1/2 Price) @ Woolworths


Good price for paper towels. Current Woolies specials.

I personally prefer Tuffy and Aldi but these aren't bad.

EDIT: Be aware, there lots of reports of no stock which is to be expected. It's also been on sale since last Monday. Sorry everyone.

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  • Poo tickets alternative?

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      cut it in half and you have 4 rolls

      • beat me to it

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      No, these will block your plumbing costing you $100's of dollars more to rectify the issue.

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        Haha rectify, I see what you did there.

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        Have a pack of paper serviettes that are rather soft. Have thought well if the worst comes to the worst etc. But like paper towels; no way would you flush them down the toilet!

        Running low in tp but bought pack of 4 tr's ($3.48 expensive) from Aldi 2 days ago. Only problem is you have to be queued up at Aldi by 8:30am when they open. Not practical for everyone.

        • i take a dump, wipe my ass, watch some videos on the toilet so the Paper gets softer and easily disintegrates when flushed, maybe drizzle some detergent if it's extra thicc, let it soak

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      *Guaranteed equivalent feeling same as using sandpaper

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        Can confirm, just spent $1500 digging up father in laws front lawn to have them removed from the sewer

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          Misread and was wondering what on Earth you did to your father in law. 😯 Yes, people are going to have to bag and bin since we are not allowed to burn up. Freezer bags will be the next thing the hoarders will be stocking up on.

          • @JediJan: At Coles yesterday I needed freezer bags, mainly for dividing up drumsticks and mince meat (not that I could get any of that) to freeze for our dog. There were no freezer bags or glad wrap or foil. Nothing but a few packs of the expensive ziplock bags.

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      Just put in the bin afterwards - rather than down the toilet.

    • I call these the bikie paper. They take shit from nobody.

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    Tried these, and they really hurt.

    • Had you run out of the alternative, or were you just curious?

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        First one then the other.

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      Try some decent paper serviettes. Don't flush them though. Discount and party supplies shops seem to have decent quantities … for now.

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    GL finding any

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    Sadly it'll be gone before I get there. Just like all other household paper products. ☹️

    • Sorry to hear mate. I went to Woolies at Carindale QLD yesterday and was pleased to see them loading the shelves with a pallet of 24 packs for $8.50 and some Kleenex's. My mum scored a pack and she was over the moon.

      • Happy to be wrong but I'm hearing a lot in Victoria that trucks cannot get around Melbourne because of the curfews. Given the amount of toilet paper being produced now, if the trucks could run 24/7, I'd think it would easier to get stuff in Melbourne if they lifted them.

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          Seems like a convenient whinge from the trucking and retail industry.

          I’d believe it if it were only Melbourne affected.

          • +1

            @Blunglefortness: The key question - has production actually increased to cater to scarcity. My guess is no, because net demand hasn’t - scared customers don’t poo more often. If it did, we’d see ScoMo in his hi-viz vest and hard hat parading in factories, as he did during elections.

            • +3

              @AlexF: Actually, chronic anxiety may result in more frequent bowel movements due to hormonal stimulation of the enteric nervous system. It's actually sudden, rational fear that triggers the sympathetic nervous system, which slows the digestive process and relaxes the muscles of the bladder to allow urinary and faecal retention.

              • +1

                @peterpeterpumpkin: You’ve just explained (“gut-brain axis”) what other experts couldn’t - toilet paper panic buying is utterly justified.

            • @AlexF: ScoMo's bad experience with #2 means he'll probably try to avoid any sort of publicity relating to TP.

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          truck curfews, what? never heard or seen this before

        • +1

          Even if they have the stocks it’s not like distribution centres operate with drivers on standby and workers to sort when their sales have at least doubled.
          If they were prepared and equiped to deal with this then their logistics team are spending way too much.

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          What Curfew?

        • +2

          I call BS. I am on the Monash freeway in peak traffic and half the vehicles are trucks. When is this curfew meant to run? Sounds like people starting rumours to spread panic.

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            • @qwerty: What a stupid article. No surprises there given it's simply parroting the words of a lobbying organisation.

              So we're expected to believe that the only time they can run trucks is at night and now they can't.


          • @skyva: The curfew I think they're referring to is the one concerning them delivering to stores, most stores near residential areas will have curfews preventing them accepting deliveries at night/ early morning. From memory one store I worked at several years ago couldn't accept deliveries between 8pm and 8am due to such a curfew.

        • -1

          What curfews? The only curfews I have heard about is in Italy and China. The manufacturers are supposed to be workjng 24/7 so I assume the distribution networks must be the probjem. Put on extra casual workers; not like there is a labour shortage!

          • @JediJan:

            not like there is a labour shortage!

            Before novel carona, Australia’s been suffering skills shortage syndrome, hence, minimum paid or (preferably) underpaid immigrant visas.

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    Plumbers are going to make a killing…. Well, more so than they already are.

    • You can't kill what's already dead….

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        "What is dead may never die"

        • if it bleeds. We can kill it.

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    Insufficient quantities?

  • good luck

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      I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you're looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money but what I do have are a very particular set of skills.

      • +2

        You learnt them skills from udemy didnt you?

  • Good luck finding any.

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    Remember- DO NOT flush these down the toilet - you will need a plumber to unclog your septic system.

    • Yep, I reuse them and then put it in green bin

  • After I sign in, it comes up as unavailable?

    • Might be related to stock levels in your selected store? I can add to my cart OK.

    • +1

      Don't bother buying online, wont be any stock

      • Agreed. Have to take a punt and visit nearby stores.

      • what about selecting First colelction slot of the morning?

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    Cant find these anywhere, all shelves are empty, even Amazon OOS.

    • +1

      What i do not understand is why they put them on discount if they don't have stock.

      • +3

        There is ample stock at the suppliers. The issue is caused by idiots panic buying, and council curfew laws limiting truck deliveries of the goods to the retailers.

        • This.

          • +1

            @Fairmont: Not This. These curfews are only in a handful of councils in one city, but the problem is everywhere. It is 100% caused by panic buying morons.

      • +3

        The catalogue specials are determined weeks in advance so they did not foresee the supply issues happening now.

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    It’s an unobtainable deal

  • Woolies no longer doing rain check? My local store refused to give raincheck for this

    • +2

      Yup, just recently. They obscured this change in policy by also announcing no refund for return purchases, which most people focused on but the real change was for rainchecks. Classic “look squirrel” diversion.

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  • Looks like Woolworths have now cancelled online order pick up service.

    • -1

      what about delivery?

      • There’s no stock when you order online- delivery or pick up. No tissues, tp, paper towel… heaps of stuff we ordered just didn’t come..l uht milk…

        • they should fulfil online orders dammit

    • Big W have done the same. Pretty sure they've also discontinued online deliveries for now.

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    These haven't been in stock for weeks and won't be next week either… Not a bargain…

    Read the posting rules…

    Limited Quantity

    If your deal has limited quantity, please mention it in the description. As a general guide, deals with less than 10 items in stock at the time of submission may be unpublished, but moderators may, at their discretion, allow deals to stay if they are potentially useful to the community.

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      Poster, to his credit, did show a disclaimer though.

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    Y r there so menu sheep panic buying for no reason
    The stuff people r get won’t work….
    The only thing that will work is common sense

    • One thing for sure is there is a lack of common sense! I still find it peculiar to see people with boxes of bottled water in their trolleys.

      • Yes especially when water is free from the tap

        • With bottled water, you're basically just paying for the plastic.

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    Important information about what is and isn't appropriate to flush down the toilet.

  • +5

    People hording toilet paper need to be removed from society and shot.

    • +3

      As well as the other people hoarding toilet paper.

      • -1

        Same with the salt hoarders.
        At this rate I might need to get some sand or saltwater from the beach and boil off

  • Local woolies recently decided to fill the whole toilet paper aisle with paper towels instead. Managed to get a pack earlier this week.
    Would've preferred a brand like Handee Ultra or even the Tuffies but I'll take what I can get at this point.

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