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20 Days Free Resources for School Closures (Prep to Grade 9) @ Scholastic US


This might be required soon if schools are shut down.

Scholastic Learn at Home provides 20 days’ worth of active learning journeys designed to reinforce and sustain educational opportunities for those students who are unable to attend school.

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    "There's something about flying a kite at night that's so unwholesome"

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      Yes mother dear

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    Reckon it would be suitable for Australian's or more tailored to the USA?

    The idea however is awesome…

    • Any answers to this?

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      Seems to be us centric from what I can see. There a curriculum map after you log in, but it only lists US states.

      Guessing all the spelling and grammar will be American too.

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    What? kids are supposed to learn at home? No way I'm letting my disease infested rodents err I mean beloved offspring in my home if there's a school outbreak. They can live in the local park & learn some life skills Lord Of The Flies style. Hmmm I wonder if I can tap into the CCTV footage and sell the rights to CH9?

    • Lol

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      Is this what #ScottyFromMarketing was referring to when he said it would be more dangerous to the community if schools shut down? Instead, we'll have schools spread the virus along. Good luck keeping kids 1.5m apart in a classroom!

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    *when schools are shut down.

    • Scholastic must know something we don't.

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    Tip from a teacher. If your kids have homework (or maybe nothing) and you have no idea about the topic, simply search "BBC Bitesize"+ whatever the topic is (Maths, Sci, History.. whatever).

    Here is a nice relevant example using +immune system.


    P.S. you will need a vpn to get the videos to work,(they are meant for the Brits only). However, you don't need them.

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      KhanAcademy is similarish but tailored for the US syllabus (and with videos)

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      Searching BBC is risky

      • Why?

        • Got too many things to entertain?

        • uh big


          chicken - the male chicken which is… yknow. cockadoodledoo

      • Yes..yes… Older kids get a bit excited with the BBC in a different way than the retirees!

        For the older gens.. BBC has a different meaning involving a porn genre and it rhymes with Rig Clack Rock!

        • Thanks. The knowledge on here is infinite.

    • Thanks for that. I'm trying to create an account for my kid. I'm using a vpn (getflix vpn) and ipleak is showing ip and dns servers as in uk. Somehow, it knows I'm not in the uk and won't let me create the account. Have you come across this by any chance? Any solution?

      • There was a chrome plug in that lets you impersonate your location. But honestly, you dont need it. Use in conjunction with Youtube (crashcourse/ Khan academy etc). Also check the schools website and they will likely have links to video streaming such as Clickview.

        For those who may be a bit rusty with their maths, "Symbolab" has a nice Algebraic calculator that also shows you how to solve maths problems/ equations etc.

      • IIRC BBC app on phones/tablets detects location via mobile & possibly wifi location.

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    What a cyncial effort.

    Does not look like an Aus school program.

    • And the 1 day of Activites on the website would last 15mins tops. A creative parent could possibly drag it out to 60mins, but that still leave 4+ hours to fill with watching tv.

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    Ha at this point teachers have been told by ScoMo to make sure we maintain a MiNINUM of 1.5m between ourselves and students, as well as students and each other. Anyone who has ever entered a public school classroom can tell you how impossible an ask this this, classrooms are tiny and kids are tiny germ machines. This is going to be a DEBACLE.

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    Awesome - I’ve withdrawn my kids from school effective tomorrow. I’m going to need this!

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      Are you serious?

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        If your kids have lung related issues or you have elder family etc that frequent your house (and touch surfaces), I probably would remove them. Don't think it will be a choice soon anyway. Its more about hospitals being over run at the same time if we don't do nothing. Eventually we will all probably experience ole mate SARS cov-2. Other than catching a train in Japan or Rome there is no more population dense places on the planet than a school corridor between lessons. 1500 kids through 1.5m width..one minute.

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    Adobe are also offering Creative Cloud til 31st May, as per

    • Post it as a deal!

      • Happy for someone else to!

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    You also have 30 days free access to any resources on twinkl using a promo code.



    Hope this helps the people that are keeping their kids at home.

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    nice thanks lightcn

  • It's inevitable that schools will be shutdown. I give it until the end of the week, or next week.

    • They are trying to string it out until school holidays. they won't be going back for a while after that

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        Perfect, then all the kids can have it and bring it home to everyone else!

  • Very good educational, I play by myself and I learn too

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